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  1. This is the only part I needed to see. Now I can play my tier 8 prems again and have fun doing it.
  2. Its just another Murazor-esque nerf to medium tanks.
  3. Am I the only one that thinks lowering the damage of prem ammo without massively reworking the Type 4-5, V4, Maus, Defender, VK 100.01, etc is going to be a huge mistake. When WG have created a bunch of tanks that cannot hope be penned even with perfectly aimed shots at 'weak spots' by same tier vehicles, THEY are the ones responsible for the prem-ammo boom. Now tanks like the 50B, E50, M46, etc will be essentially unplayable.
  4. Archaic_One

    IS-3A - Fair and Balanced edition

    Boris, you like IS-3 da? Da Ivan, IS-3 is stronk. Boris, have you play Progetto? Da, Spaghetti tank is gud also Boris, I have an idea . . . Ivan, you have drank too much vodka - nobody will ever let you do that
  5. Archaic_One

    WoTLabs Store: Massively Expanded

    Just in time for Christmas nerds!
  6. Archaic_One

    [13/12/2018] Player profile revamped

    Looks great and its good to see you diving back in Never
  7. Archaic_One

    Even QB?!

    For a long time one of the big complaints about low tier play was the low HP pool and high alpha meant a lot of tier 5s got early exits from a lot of games due to Hetzer/M4/PZ IVH/KV-2 etc. As you went up in tier, tanks had more staying power and while players were still punished for mistakes, they were not insta-deleted anymore. Then WG stepped in and added high alpha tank after high alpha tank, added prem-HE rounds, buffed the shitbarn and deathstar. Now suddenly tier X games are starting to look a lot like tier 5 games used to. I see tier 10 tanks 1-2 shot all the time now (it happened to me today - got 183mm less than a minute into a game) and more and more players are getting send back to the garage in 90 seconds for getting spotted crossing or making one bad poke. How many new heavies ave 600+ alpha? Tier X is frustrating enough to play while losing money every game, adding RNG kills has not made it any better. WG took away the ability of getting deleted by a T92, so of course they had make up for it by adding the Type 5 and buffing the FV. </Rant>
  8. Archaic_One

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    Just got out of a game on airfield where an untagged purple reroll in an SU-130pm pretty much evaporated an entire team from bottom tier. He was able to do a ninja flex that a Skorp would never have pulled off. 7k and 7 kills, locked down the entire map. It was quite enjoyable to ride along. Watching a Type 5 blind fire bushes on the wrong side of the map made my night.
  9. Archaic_One

    What happened to this game: my opinion

    I remember Jingles doing a couple of WoWP videos and his lack of enthusiasm was obvious from the start. Even he could not shill the game and nobody else did either. Quick name 5 WoWP streamers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . yeah, nobody else could either.
  10. Archaic_One

    Even QB?!

    @GehakteMolen you were doing ok until you said 'reduce accuracy'. Nobody wants to play a game where tanks sit on corners bouncing shot after shot because they can't hit anything. The great accuracy nerf is why players like me run so much APCR/HEAT now. After missing shot after shot at a fucking VK 100.1 cupola with an E50 that should NEVER miss that shot, I just say fuck it and start punching prem ammo through him. Shit accuracy plus 25% RNG just drives the use of prem ammo up. Either give tanks small reticles with 25% RNG, or take RNG out of accuracy. 0.4 accuracy with .25% RNG and then nerfing prem ammo instantly makes the Type 5 and FV4005 broken OP . . . oh wait - they already are. The inability to hit aimed shots is one of the reasons WoT is undesirable as an esport. Making hitting shots even harder isn't going to improve the game. Its just going to make me throw my mouse even farther. I already kill enough dirt and rocks as it is, give them a break FFS.
  11. Archaic_One

    T-50-2 Returns

    **shuffles through garage searching . . . Yep, I still have KV-2. See you this weekend
  12. Archaic_One

    IPIP300 Personality Test

    Just took the test. FFS, I'm probably a latent serial killer . . .
  13. Archaic_One

    I can't come back to my Obj 140 after playing with 430U

    Play 10 games in the T-62a, then play the 140 again, it will feel much better
  14. It's obviously an elite gaming system, its got colored LED fans FFS, what more do you want?
  15. Archaic_One


    I don't have one, but one of them bounced my Skorp G twice the other night. Both would have been kill shots on any other tier 8 LT.
  16. Archaic_One

    Playing arty is HARD - an ultimate proof

    The fact that you have tier 10 arty on two separate accounts is much disappoint . . .
  17. Archaic_One

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    Preferably the side where I get to bang a hot vampire chick
  18. Well, for the first time since 2014, I don't have a premium account.  What I do have is enough boosters to play almost 200 hours of tank with XP/$$ boosters popped.  I probably don't have 200 hours of tanking left in my tank, so it worked out well.

    1. sohojacques


      I’ve focused on getting a f2p friendly garage this year and I reckon I’ll pretty much have it after my current 3rd month of premium time for the year runs out. Got a fun selection of tier 6-8 premiums (no Skorp or Defender though) and a bunch of tier 9s with good standard round pen. Avoid tier 10 and even a shitter like me can at least break even.

  19. Archaic_One

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    Well, this de-escalated slowly
  20. Archaic_One

    Tier 8 grand battles

    I didnt hate grand battles, the reason I disabled it was because it was only fun in a patton or something with mobility. Getting a GB in the E100 was agony - get spotted, 5 JPZ start shooting you while you crawl towards cover.
  21. Archaic_One

    Re: cruitment

    Merit, this thread contains it in abundance
  22. Archaic_One

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    Yep, I can only imagine how many super pershings they are selling right now
  23. Archaic_One

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    The SP is really nice now, 202 base pen, better dpm, and it can sort of climb hills a little. My IS-6 on the other hand still has to retreat against most heavies it faces. I wish they would have left AP pen at 175 and given all the extra pen to the APCR so I could pen Type 4 and E-75 weak spots . . . The IS-6 gun handling buff is nice though, at least I bounce closer to where I was aiming
  24. You're just giving me PTSD falshbacks now