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  1. I'm watching these replay videos of people playing the E-100 with the 128mm gun.  Sigh.  Just because its better does not make it right #BoomSticksMatter 

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    2. RedwoodOriginal


      Big gun is better cause; 750 > 530

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      little gun little pp

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  2. I never thought it needed to be removed, they just needed to repair some of the OP TD camps overwatching the cap. It was always one of my favorite maps because you could actually flank properly.
  3. Hallelujah I didn't download this game to spot, I didn't download this game to sit in a clicker and drop orbital HE, I didn't download this game to hide in a bush and blind fire a HESH round halfway across the map into somebody elses bush. I downloaded this game to drive my Patton to the rubble pile on Himmelsdorf and see how many people I could punch in the dick before I get punched in the dick. I deal with bush campers all day at work. When I'm home, I want to go toe to toe with Punchy McFacepunch for a while.
  4. I don't play much anymore, but the few times I recently played I realized why I don't like the game as much as I did a few years ago. There aren't enough tanks in the games, as in *tanks*. I distinctly remember a recent game with 7 TDs and 3 arty on each team. 5 actual tanks per team, and luckily there weren't any wheelies in that game. The bush-wookie meta has arisen for a lot of reasons that you guys probably understand far better than me, but at the root of it I like playing tanks, actual tanks (mostly medium tanks) and right now it seems like most players just want to hide in a bush and chuck giant HE and HESH rounds and anything that dares to get spotted. I'm sure Kolni can exploit the shit out of this meta and farm 4k dpg from those bushes all day, but for a hyper-aggro pubby like me that just wants to drive to the middle of the map and brawl, the game isn't very fun right now.
  5. 640 m/s for a tier 10 HEAT round? FFS, thats going to be nearly unplayable unless you are doing nothing but corner brawling. WG has never really understood the Panther/E50 line.
  6. I guess they realized that an otherwise shitty tier 8 med clipping out tier 10s was pretty obnoxious
  7. To be fair, if you yolo in and clip out a Leopard 1 or Prog 65 with AP and then die you'll probably have a positive WR, earn credits, and be back in the garage in 90 seconds. Thats probably worth a few bucks amIright
  8. After you die, you should only be allowed to chat/ping for 10 seconds so you can tell us where the STRV that killed you is hiding, then you should be muted so you cannot ping/salt spam anymore
  9. Basically they are making it into a less inferior Super Conq. Nice DPM buff, some soft stats improved, fixed the drive wheel hitbox so it cannot be permatracked and farmed to death by Tier 5s anymore. Tumor is still tumor.
  10. TL;DR - Autism is the new evolution I just watched a recent replay where your platoon mate had a nice carry in a BC. I'm glad your hand is getting better, it would suxor to have a gust of wind mess up your hand as a 20 y/o.
  11. Lol, I just watched Eddie carry your ass on Youtube. Fun game

    1. sr360


      Hey now, I did nearly 4k damage! Not my fault I took 13 arty hits...

  12. 2015 WG - Vision and camo mechanics are too difficult for the player base to understand and are being exploited by a small group of high level players 2020 WG - Fuck it, here's a cloaking device
  13. They still have no idea what game they have. "Light tanks and medium tanks can't improve some of their unique features because everybody picks firepower upgrades" (not exact quote) Because nobody logs in and sits down with a headset looking forward to two hours of spotting stuff for other people to shoot. We play the game so we can shoot stuff. LTs want to zoom zoom and shoot stuff, heavys want to get in stuffs face and shoot it up close, mediums want to shoot stuff here then move over there and shoot more stuff, TDs want to hide in bush and shoot stuff, Arty wants to shoot stuff while eating cheetos. Its a pretty fucking simple concept, but WG has spent a decade thinking that people are more interested in a hundred different permutations of terrain resistance and spotting formulas. The only thing that we really care about is that all of the tanks have a roughly equal opportunity at shooting stuff without getting shot and that the endorphin dose we get for successfully shooting stuff is doled out frequently enough.
  14. I think he meant not competitive in the other direction
  15. Yeah, the XP modifiers were skewed towards how close you were to the tank being damaged. I had some of screenshots of games where a medium doing 4k damage from range would get out XP'd by a RU heavy that did 1500 damage nose to nose with the enemy. WN8 (7?) was a lot better metric for evaluating skill in 2014-17 than it is now, but WG has never come clean on how exactly (key word being exactly) XP is determined.
  16. When a horse and a narwhal love each other very much . . .
  17. THIS. In a decade WG has never figured out that you can nerf/buff something without negatively adjusting its 'fun meter'. Gun handling is already RNG cancer, adding more RNG without addressing the real problem (the fact that its better armored than most heavies with better camo than a BC) is just taking away fun without fixing anything.
  18. Wait, back up - 1668 dpm at tier 9? Thats the lowest value of any heavy tank I looked up IN TIER 8.
  19. I cannot imagine any way that WG could have made CW less user friendly if they tried. After this they'll want to start yet another game mode and make players grind influence points just to earn the right to push chips . . .
  20. Straik is playing again, I still watch him sometimes. I just mute it and listen to Two Steps from Hell instead of listening to the Cyka stream.
  21. I just watched a replay, OMG the gun is hot garbage. After waiting forever you realize that the circle isn't getting any smaller than that. It looks like a mouse throwing rage machine. The platform is kind of different, smaller than some LTs, pretty flexible. The gun is just a nope though.
  22. Its been said on here before, but its worth repeating. The game was at its best when the developers played the game. Its so obvious listening to the devs talk that not only do they not play the game themselves, but they are taking cues about game meta from outdated sources. They are trying to fix a game that does not really exist anymore. The other, bigger problem is that like 1.0, all of these changes are doing nothing to bring players into the game. They need to be working on making the game fun and inviting to the next generation of players so they can grow the games playerbase. Instead, they are fixing a leaky faucet while the Titanic is sinking. This is the only game I have ever seen that not only does not utilize the knowledge and advice of its best players - it actually seems to actively shun it.
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