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  1. VII Legion

    Leopard 1

    With all due respect , the E-50 and Ausf. M are far more consistent in their shots than then Leo... Game stats wise identical guns... But u will always get a few shots that u fully aim in the Leo 1 that go WTF wide....Also the move bloom on the E-50's is far less. I love the Leo 1 but the current map meta makes it a frustrating tank to play on tight maps with little concealment and requires a lot more support from pubbies... Which is never a good thing to rely upon. I'm content to play a handful of games in the Leo1 for fun but the bulk of my medium sniping is in the other German medium
  2. http://shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=136&start=450 Some idea for high tier branches and module upgrades ( example of Prince Eugene " fully upgraded")
  3. I love the E-50 so much I had to find it WoWs equivalent.... I hope it's implemented http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/O-class_battlecruiser http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:O_class_battlecruiser.jpg O-Class is Love, O-Class is Life....
  4. I am finding that the E50 great at a racking up spots and assisted damage... The combination of great view range, flex speed and good armour allow it to peek around hard cover in more situations than a cardboard tank can. Not to say I play it as a scout, but in the course of smart flexing and flanking to open up new fire angles you can do a lot of vision control with it. E-50 is love, E-50 is life .... Indeed
  5. ive been dealing with the same problem. Having just ground thru the leo 1 line up from the Awful panther I found that even as a supporting tank you have to get your hands dirty... start helping the heavies push in city or chokepoints by getting shots in after their heavies shoot your tank ... still frustrating though when you feel like the team deploys very poorly and you need to support them in a bad position.
  6. Just finished grinding the PTA, got my Leopard 1 for live server... Immediately jumped up 50% in my damage per game. The PTA will stay in garage , but mostly gathering dust. The Leo 1 is so much more consistent and comfortable the difference is night and day.
  7. Wholeheartedly agree! I played the STA-1 extensively on two test servers and feel its like a t8 leopard in many respects once elited and your crew is up to 3-4 skills. I would go for Leo 1 type skills focusing on gunnery and mobility. Combine that with BIA and you can get gun accuracy down to .335 Really enjoying the glass cannon mediums now, feel like they have a lot to offer in learning and improving.
  8. Almost done the grind on the Leo PTA now, and after two test server patches of using the Leo 1. IMHO, I feel the biggest difference between the two is utility and oppurtunity. At tier 9/10 , this tank line requires you to play like its animal namesake. Use your strengths to strike from cover and unexpected locals and quickly melt back into the shadows . The Leo 1's markedly better gun handling, depression, reload and agility allow to shoot and scoot with twice the oppurtunity. In most of my games with the PTA I can count at least 6-7 situations where I could've taken an oppurtunistic shot
  9. What's that kids? Germans tank have you down? Not enough comfort? That E75 grind got you ready to hang up your leder hosen? Russian hovercraft technology got you grinding your teeth as you put out ANOTHER engine/ transmission fire?! All is not lost fellow truppen! I bring you the Uplifting Panzertruppen Cinema Primer!
  10. I ground the engine first and I can honestly say it was painful due to this. The L7 105mm ( once you get the turret) is perfectly matched to "assassin" playstyle. The 10 second reload is almost perfectly syncronized to the 10 seconds to disappearing after being spotted... The idea of the tank to park in a bush and hit the target and fall back behind cover. Rinse and repeat. The 90 mm doesn doent because you either have to remain exposed to to deal the damage or barely put out 1000 in a game playing in the only style thats viable with a tank with TP and ammo rack for armour. The moment
  11. Looking for mentoring. Will leave an ego and pre-conceived notions at the door. Working primarily on my medium play, feel its the most effective way to influence pub games. Definately open to other tanks as well, just seems like you can do more in a match when you trade armour for mobility and a good gun. Tanks like Leo PTA seem to require alot more situational awareness and punish you when you become lax. I play on the NA server, I have good ping for both East and West. I dont have a 9-5 job so that means I am actually very flexible on anytime you guys would like to mentor.
  12. Thank you, I think that's my big struggle right now.... Not having the right experience in reading my situation to realize when to ramp up the aggression and when to be patient. I will be posting. Up some terrible games as well since on some maps like severgorsk I have a hard time find Ing a good spot to support from in the Leo PTA.
  13. http://wotreplays.com/site/1246279#fiery_salient-vii_legion_euro-leopard_prototyp_a In this game I moved quickly to the hill at the mid position to get cross fire into the centre of the map while remaining as low vis as possible near bushes and off the ridgeline. I take a hit early on without 6th sense going off and realize the Leo 1 got lit and moved past me... I ended up taking his hit... oh well... at least I was not detected yet. At this point I start to exchange fire with an enemy Leo firing from the rail and my shots are horrible. I try a mix of snapshots and full aimed sho
  14. Hi all, I checked on the Newbie Palace and it seems this is the best place to ask for replay analysis and critique of gameplay. I have a a bunch of game uploaded in replays that are mostly my best games... I'm a green in recent stats at the best of times and have hit a slump since I started grinding the On Track. I will post my replay page and feel free to rip me a new one. I dont take criticism personally and I wish to not repeat my mistakes. In general I feel that I lack patience in the early game and find I try to force a flank or move before the right time and get slapped
  15. The RU-251 is great, ran 100+ games thru it now... If there was one thing that the PTA has over it, it would be high shell velocity. The standard AP shot has great 190 penetration, but it's slow velocity of ^^ 800 m/s makes it tricky when trying to hit a fast moving target or trying to hit a turning turret side on at distance. Perhaps in a light tankers wet dream, WG will add a new longer gun upgrade module, and we can all pretend to be T8 super stealth Leopards.... :3
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