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    @blackzaru So I also commented (in a non vulgar manner) on this thread: 



    Here's what the mods did 




    To all of you guys who don't know what this is about, here's some background info.

    The OP of the thread on the forum was arrested and convicted for child endangerment, as when he was playing WoT, his child almost drowned.

    @blackzarubrought that up and was banned for 3 days.


    I tested it myself, and I received a warning (as seen above) for posting in a "non constructive manner". There are many posts on the forum that are far more "non-constructive" than my comment, such as people whining about premium rounds, etc.



    Conclusion: the mods on the forum are retarded. They give someone protection who should have been banned for his endangering acts, which could have resulted in the death of his child.



    1. Wewum


      Stupid forum mods.

    2. blackzaru


      I did not brought it up, I slightly insinuated that taking care of your child should be more important than worrying about a game.

    3. Wewum
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