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  1. Also on Wotinfo you can click on "efficency trend" and see what the player played the last day's/week's and at what level.

  2. For experimentation, does anyone know if there are any sites that still calculate recent WN7 or WN6? I'm thinking that even with their own problems, since no one is actively trying to pad them they might be semi-useful until WN9 comes into play.
  3. I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. People that have been playing E-50 and M46 recently are going have their recent stats dropped significantly, which means as a recruiter, I can't just look at wotlabs to get a quick picture if this player is worth looking at or not. If the implication is that you think I'm saying stats are everything, no, you're intelligent enough to know that isn't what I'm talking about. With these new changes however, it's more work for me to see if someone is worth a tryout because people decided to meme on the forumla, which seems really, really d
  4. As someone who works in recruiting, the E-50/M46 changes are moronic, meme or not. The amount that they screw with recent stats makes it a lot harder to investigate how good someone actually is.
  5. Hello wotlabs, long time no see. Not been around here for various reasons, but regardless, I figured some of you that have been around here longer would appreciate this in some fashion. Was a long time coming, he hadn't played in over a year, but I still felt sad doing it. F
  6. Ok, I'm just going to post screenshots to take this apart since words don't seem to have any effect. Actually, no, I'll do both. You were the only one going into town besides a 132(lol), and you got caught in a crossfire between the multiple tanks we had in town and myself. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself: Tank lineups, note how the enemy team as a large medium advantage, which likely means going south In fact, I quite literally tell my team this, in the hopes maybe they'll listen. Note my initial positioning; I want to make sure I'm not yoloing into a town p
  7. 1. How was that a low percentage play? I knew where your team was, and I knew that I could get cover from all of them, and I knew it would take map control away. 2. Even assuming it was a low percentage play, should I have just sat there while your mediums rolled south? Honestly it just seems like you're mad you got caught out of position...
  8. I'm really not seeing it? I predicted most of your mediums would go south, which is why I went where I did, and waited for the light tanks yoloing to bleed. When I moved up, I had the ridge to cover me from the jpe/arty/conq on the backside, and the house to cover from you. What was so bad about it? But I'm just some irrelevant blue shitter who got lucky, I guess
  9. I don't really post here a terrible amount anymore, but @TriggrHPY... wtf was this about? http://wotreplays.com/site/2588717#live_oaks-panzer9supertiger-object_140
  10. You know, I actually kinda like this thing. Don't get me wrong, it isn't the best t7 medium, and t7 mediums as a whole are pretty bad, but I love the gun. Great pen/alpha for the tier, and the gun handling doesn't even feel that bad. biggest problem for me is the awful hull armor + 5 degrees of gun depression often requires you to overexpose yourself in order to get damage.
  11. Re G thread drama @Snoregasm2 Nemesis made the clan, he's allowed to have whatever stats he fucking pleases.

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    2. TheMarine0341


      I love @Nemesis79, best voice in the game

    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      inb4 glorious return of WarPagan

    4. CarryMode


      Where is this drama, i want in.

  12. Welp, we're back. Let's say 3k recent w/ 4 tier 10s as a rough guideline.
  13. Bump. We decided being dead isn't all it's cracked up to be, so we're getting back together for clan league(if @sr360would be so kind as to update the OP). Interested persons can contact m0rieris or myself.
  14. I have to agree with @stagnate, as a caller-in-training tier 6 is 100% useless for anything beyond practicing focus fire, and learning how to dig out a bunch of red O-Is from behind cap. Tier 8 is a much better training ground imo, as with 10 people you can actually do things that aren't all derping one way or camping, while not quite having the depth or complexity of tier 10s. I would still argue clan wars should be 15v15, but 10v10 in strongholds is fine.
  15. So I've been trying to 2 mark all of my tier 10s, and I've been finding that I struggle to win when soloing them. In platoons I have no problems doing well(~70%), but I feel as though I very often run much lower winrates when solo pubbing than I have any business doing. Is it me making bad trades? Being too passive? Too aggressive? Not going to the right places? Poor shooting? Just a bad streak? I honestly can't tell anymore. Help? Some recent games, mainly 50B and Obj 430 If anyone could take a look and see if there's anything glaringly wrong, it would be much apprecia
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