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  1. Just wanted to thank the OP for his efforts to keep the metric going. A question - how hard would it be to automate the whole process of updating WN8 values? It would have to automatically figure out when a new tank is added (I assume if tanks are moved between tiers the moved tank gets a new key value in WG system, no?), then collect data on it, then calculate the expected values. For example, a tier 8 AMX 13 90 it would show up as AMX 13 90 v1 in expected values table, the current tier 9 one as AMX 13 90 v2. Both would have separate expected values. To be honest I think with the dawn of
  2. I'd really, really like to see this same method applied to some absolute top players. If not for else, then for figuring out how many tomatoes can they compensate for in their teams
  3. That, my friend, is a 2.7kg 15,7" laptop that has noise issues, build quality that is described as "creaky" "with uneven gaps" "protruding edges", and a "very glossy" screen on top of that. It doesn't sound like a suitable travel laptrop at all. It's hard to carry along due to its weight, it takes up a lot of space, it gets noisy when you are trying to play on a bus or an airplane, it has such build quality that you can actually twist the frame by hand, it has large enough gaps that sand, dirt etc can get between the keyboard and the screen while in your travel bag, and on top of it very
  4. It may not fit your needs, but what the hey, at least you have the info: I recently picked up an Alienware 13" from a Dell outlet in UK. With shipping to Estonia, it cost me only 1375 EUR. What did I get? 13,3" Full HD IPS matte screen which has great viewing angles even in medium light. It is a bit smallish for longer gaming sessions, but workable. i5 6500U 2c/4t 2,5GHz with 3,1GHz Turbo (which it sits at all the time when gaming) 16GB RAM 250GB SSD and a GTX 960M 2GB (runs WoT at near maximum detail @ 45-65 fps) Win 10 Home was installed Other things of note: the batterylif
  5. Don't buy a GTX 970. At the same price, GTX 1060 not only beats that, it also beats GTX 980. Other than that, I think you are good.
  6. I would actually recommend IS-6 with full AP loadout (I did have some HE too) I tried it out recently, here are the results (WR was not held back by lack of APCR but rather summer meta):
  7. I have to say 15 calls per second (we are talking one account per call, correct?) seems completely insufficient. Maybe somebody should raise this topic with community contributors who have better access to WGs dev's and community people? It's not that hard to set up a stats DB mirror in a cloud server that's synced once per day or smth, this simple move would boost the call throughput enormously. If the WG API server limits calls to 15 per connection (as opposed to global limit), you could even think about setting up a cluster of tens of cloud-based servers that would each stream API call
  8. Technically, how hard would it be to take a snapshot of all tracked player's stats at the end of the patch, analyze them and only store the final values of per tank WNx for that patch? Let's say roughly 500 tanks, and a single WNx value per each, stored in plaintext. I tried it out and it should take no more than 8KB per player, making the total file something like only 9GB for all 11M+ tracked players on the EU server. Since only updating the file is required at the end of each patch, it should be quite doable. For all players in the world, assuming there's about 70M active accounts mayb
  9. But is it possible to create a rating system that is completely impervious to various rebalances? Meaning it would assign players within a given percentile or rank or rating value based on their performance compared to their peers in a given patch, and then carry it forward "as-is"? EXAMPLE: A hypothetical player playing Leopard 1 (I'm not so good at math so I leave out weighing by battles played, for the sake of simplicity) Current system: 9.14: WNx 3000 (player picks up Leopard 1 for 100 games and no longer plays it) overall: 3000 9.15: WNx 3100 (Leo 1 gets slightly nerfed so
  10. Hi, I just wanted to see what brighter minds than mine make of the future of any current or planned ratings system when the Great Rebalance hits. Recently there was the infamous Sandbox Server leak: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/06/07/some-stats-of-rebalanced-tanks-on-sandbox/ https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/06/08/sandbox-leak/ Many individual tanks and whole classes are rebalanced in a way that makes the infamous arty nerf of 8.6 that screwed up arty WN8 seem like a child's play. It is all naturally subject to change, etc., but nevertheless we can be fairly certain that t
  11. Dude, you can tell by your winrate that this approach doesn't win too many games...
  12. As an owner of an Obj 907 - what did you expect? Did you really think that the tank that was handed only to the 11K best CW players in the EU server out of 1,5M active players would have the same average expected dam/frag values as a normal T10 Russian med that anyone can get, regardless of skill? Fair statistics are fair.
  13. Ok, so I'm getting to this point where my Last 1K swings between 3250 and 3400, but there seems to be a sort of a glass ceiling for me at the moment. I'm just wondering, maybe superunicums have some tips to share that would give me a chance to reach for the next level. About my playstyle: I play mainly meds, mostly Type 59 for making money and training myself to play more tactically (Type 59 is relatively slow moving and slow aiming, you have to be calm and make good decisions to play it effectively), + some T10 meds (STB-1 is a recent favourite). I play solo a lot as I feel it helps m
  14. I had one of those sessions last week. After like 12 games, WR was below 40% and WN8 was ~1600 (compared to recent average of ~3400). I was on tilt like the tower of Pisa. I raged in chat, I cursed out aloud etc. I knew I didn't want to see those horrid numbers on Wotlabs the next day. So I did what any responsible adult with a day job and a gf waiting to go to sleep would do at 23:00 - grabbed my pillow and my blanket, brought them to my gaming room, told my gf that sorry but I have to fix this shit and then pounded out an extra 36 matches until 03:30 AM. In the end, my WR was 56% and
  15. OP, pls explain how not not to rage at this. Sorry for the big screengrab (are there Spoiler tags available? Couldn't find them).
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