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  1. It says it's going to be for every game excluding x3. I hope that's true, I'll be done with the Emil I before 100 games from stock with all of these reserves and events!
  2. Is it really 30 gigs? I saw that and nope'd back to Battlefront.
  3. Requesting a Guide on how to Lumberjack properly. Thx.
  4. The T57 is pure violence. Very fun.
  5. I put 5 sprem on all of my tanks with the exception of the T49 90mm, that has like 25 heat rounds -_-
  6. I've never had constant ammo rack problems in American mediums. Brits are another story
  7. I bought the T1 Heavy and smashed a T-40 the first game, then sold that shit.
  8. I started in August, I can't believe I already had a Patton and that the Chaffee was even around. I free xp'd passed that M6 when I got raped by an IS-4 on Komorin. I still remember...
  9. I just think of what I could have done differently, then move on. I watch better players like kewei, garbad, or zeven. or quickybaby
  10. There is a party going on in that T69.
  11. Su-100 for sure. You'll get racked through the front every now and again though.
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