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  1. Hi I am horseoftheapocalypse from ASIA server(from new zealand to be exact) I know I am cheeky asking this but.. Would there be any OP callers out there able to mentor me to modernize my strategy collection say from EU or NA? In short I was once a half decent caller once upon a time beating clans with significantly better win8 regularly. However I left that to join a tourny team in gold league for over a year and now have completely lost touch with some of the major alterations to the maps and how they effect clan wars. not asking for your play books so to speak but maybe just run over my ideas for say 2 strats per side on say 5 maps that I feel have significantly changed the meta in which they were played. OMEGA on Asia
  2. I agree WOTlabs should be taken down. Stupid posts get such unfair comments. It's not fair having good players finding moar hax to get better.
  3. T34-2 is a good solid tank. T34-1 is frekkin awesome just like the wz-120
  4. An alful lot of INFP's when they only make up 4% opf teh population . Interesting
  5. It is inevitable you will lose games no matter what you do. Don't worry about it. For instance if a team mass rushes valleyon Lakeville (or usually rush valley then stop against 2-3 tanks defending it). Then usually(depending on the tank I am in) I would either camp base looking for long range shots using the few hull down spots around cap or try and out view range the enemy as they leave the town and enter the wide open area. Or use the few pubbie that go to town as meat shilds long to get some good damage in but making sure to withdraw to a distance before they all die and turn on me in overwhelming numbers. I see no point trying to initiate the push myself because all it does is get yourself killed and your team will not push until after you are dead 9/10 times.Because going 1 at a time is how real men roll... Quite often in either case it will be a loss unless you are in a platoon and are able dictate the battle. All you can do is do the best you can and take what damage and kills out of the game as you can muster.
  6. I think the best thing you can do is get to those early opportunity postions for shots. Usually just the fact a enemy player has taken 1-2 shots is all that takes for friendly pubbies to have a rush of adrenilan and think they can take on the world. Not only that but the players who do have have a clue will read their map and see fit to push a side. Helping your team to localize engagements is a big one too. Whether it is by stalling a heavily stacked enemy side give time for your team to push another flank or whether you are helping push a side yourself. But I would say key is early information and how you choose to react to that
  7. prok7 line is always best for is6 sniping back onto hill. su122 sitting on the tracks on either end can go ok(especially north) to farm some damages
  8. I play with 200ms often. It is the absolute max you want to play @. As above poast quite often at 200ms you can be shot and enemy tank pulled back into cover before you can even get a shot off. Aiming for weak spots is a guessing game rather than skill on moving tanks. He may do ok on lower tiers but as soon as he hits tier 8s life is going to be shit.
  9. Win rate I feel is not a measure by itself at all , whereas WIN8 gives you a decent picture of the player. So many players I have seen have a great win rate just because they have mates who are significantly better carry them in toon after toon.
  10. So previously the FV215B was a terrible tank for catching on fire. You just about needed to take a auto ext as well as a manual ext even with preventitive maintenance. 1. Now that it can't be set on fire from the front(well doesn't seem to anymore) has this become a very capable tank? Amazzzizing gun handling, punchy gun with good DPM. 100mm of side armour @>70' meaning to 2x overmatch it would require 200mm guns. It is fairly quick with a stack of HP and very good upper hull armour. The only major downside is the lack of Gun depression. So this tank has effectivly now been buffed with none frontal engine fires. Playing post buffed tanks is my favourite way to boost win8 so what do you purple poasters think? Is it a viable padding tank now? Or even is it a viable CW tank?
  11. I am very agree-able with this list. However as others have said ebven though I see you reasonings for not liking it the IS7 is a very capable CW tank as well as has the potential to carry hard. I much prefer the gun hadling in such tanks like the e5 so I would give it a 6. The 113 is the poorest excuse for a tank in the game -it is just a slightly more manouverable IS-4 with even worse terri-bad armour. For this reason I rate it worse than a maus for carrying.
  12. the m4 was made of pools medals until they nerfed heat rounds(WG wreck everything that is fun). So I guess I will continue my hunt.
  13. ah .. this is where the real forum warriors hang out. Awesome I see all the same mods hang out on this forum too..
  14. hmmmm, yes I think I might have to drop my tiers. maybe arl with gold105 rounds or t67. I do like the idea of high alpha tanks. The e50 sounds interesting, also cent7/1 has nice hill down ability which may be a contender. I wonder if there are any tables with pools medals recieved in what tanks
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