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  1. One game, full platoon of top tier E3s camping red line behind base.

    Next game, 2 top tier toon 705s camping forest on prok.\

    Game after, platoon of 3 T49s literally sitting behind arty in arctic region.


    I'm really not destined to enjoy my 103 0 grind am I


    1. snowdude21325


      Platoon? It turns the game from a 1 vs 29 to a 3 vs 27

  2. Just got STRV 103 0.

    Can't play it.

    My teams getting steam rolled.

    Way. Too. Fucking. Often.

    1. hazzgar


      Are you playing it like a regular tank and supporting the stronger flank when they push? Swede wedges are one of the few tanks it makes sense to go to a failed flanks since they can really slow down enemy pushes.

  3. How to 3 mark UDES?

    The baffling team/map dependency is killing me and I'm only at 89%

    1. hazzgar


      Have you tried working as a scout early on? Didn't 3 mark mine but I relatively easily reached 2 mark at the end of my grind while working from full stock with an imperfect crew, no food and close to no prem spam so 3 marks should be easy.

  4. A method I have been doing to avoid having to use WN8 and despair in every battle before it starts, I blacklist people who play on the same level as bots, whatever PR they may have. I've blacklisted people with 2000 to >8000 PR. This way I know that if I have them on my team on a future game, I'll be essentially dealing with 1 less teammate and 1 more enemy. This also seems better for me since I can gauge a person's negative IQ by seeing them how they play, as wn8 can be deceiving, such as a real unicum playing on a tomato account or a unicum account bought by a tomato. However my blacklist seems to be getting quite overloaded, so I'm starting to look for alternatives without having to download xvm. My question is, is there any better way to mark idiots instead of having to download XVM?
  5. Is it just me being retarded, or does this guy from reddit actually have 17 crew on his commander?

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    2. Fulcrous


      Lol not happening.

      The cumulative total for 8 skill perks, let alone 17, is 53 660 784. Even assuming 1000 xp goes into the commander every battle, you would need 53k + games. The cumulative xp more or less doubles each perk so you do the math.

      He would need more or less 27 474 321 408 (27.5 billion) xp. Even with boosters that isn't happening.

    3. Hellsfog


      The sad part is that nobody even questions whether the claim is a typo. 

    4. Fulcrous


      I think that's because 7 is believable.
      I'm at 6.8 for my RU med crews and 6 on bat. They have 3.8k and 2.8k battles respectively.

      and iirc tazilon had like 10+ on his 2801

  6. Got called out because one of our meds decided to suiscout and I didn't join him in throwing away my tank :hb:

  7. 5 first battles in t-50-2.

    5 times killed by arty at 60 kph.


    Fuck this, I'm gonna fuck up some other light's day too.

  8. Hey guys, I'm looking for a few platoon friends that can help me pad my wn8, so if you got an sconq, 430u or bobject or anything that makes you play in a kind of OP way lemme know I'm tired of being in the bottom every match especially in t8 so I now almost play exclusively t10 with mostly my 430u I also want to make sure I have atleast 2 teammates and not 14 bots like I usually see nowadays tenks bbs
  9. Sometimes, I am more scared of my own team than the enemy team.

    This is one of these moments.

  10. BlitzReaper

    I can't come back to my Obj 140 after playing with 430U

    My mom's credit card isn't enough for me to spam heat in my t54
  11. BlitzReaper

    I can't come back to my Obj 140 after playing with 430U

    i dont have a 62a
  12. I nowadays have a very hard time trying to come back to my 140, my first t10 , after getting my 430U. I have a feeling that the 430U is much stronger than the obj140 in general, even if their playstyles differ. The 140 feels a lot more nimble for me, but the armor feels really non-existent. The gun also is nice if you catch enemies making mistakes, but the alpha sometimes really annoys me. I also always feel like it's a situational tank compared to the 430U. 430U on the other hand feels overpowered as it is, because it can relatively do everything the 140 is good at, and the armor is just godly. I don't mind holding down flanks and being in the frontline, or being the first guy to take a super aggressive position early game whereas I just can't seem to do it in my 140. How can I get back to my 140?
  13. Who is actually going to buy this 900$ package from WoT? Lol


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    2. NightmareMk9


      Anyone who buys that is an idiot with more cash than brains.  I feel bad about the $500 ish I've spent over the last 6 years.  The "Black" tank sale, where you don't get Gold or Credits for the Additional Tank is fucking BS too!  It's like they really DONT understand what the players want.  Sell the Type 59 for $50 and watch 100s of people buy a meh tank.  Sell the PZ2J for $40, you already dont give a shit about seal clubbing bitches.  Sell the LEFH for $40, because ARTY will always be a part of the game and you get to club seals while eating a burrito.

    3. Haswell


      They know exactly what players want, and that is exactly why they aren't selling them. The moment they go on sale they will set themselves back a few years from cashing in their golden geese.

    4. Assassin7


      The moment the type 59 goes on sale is the moment you know that WG considers the game to be dead and they are going to milk as much as possible before it dies completely

  14. During my whole grind with the 13 90 I have played with teams that were absolutely shit, and with a very high percentage of city maps, and 5/10 games with a shitload of superheavies which really made me lose a few brain cells during the grind. Then I bought my AMX 13 105, and now I am consistently getting half decent teams where I can actually put my gun to use, a lot of stupid enemies that I can easily farm like it's Christmas. For comparison, my DPG after my grind with 13 90 was 1451, 55% WR (idk how) after 336 battles, and now my DPG in my 13 105 is 2.8k, 80% WR in 20 battles, which is also the second highest DPG I have (even more than 430U, only less than 268 v4). I know it's nothing compared to deep blue and purple level, but for me it's still a lot for a tank that people seem to dislike a lot. When comparing those broken tanks to a tank like 13 105 I can't help but think that there is some kind of fairy inside my 13 105 that's giving me consistent luck like this. Is there actually good karma? After getting fucked years long by everything else?
  15. BlitzReaper

    w o o t

    Why does the game have to add bots? We already have enough bots on the server to deal with. Now there's gonna be an even bigger bot/dumbass:normal player ratio