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  1. This sky cancer grind to the T-55A will be the end of me. 9 hours grinding and 1 mission done out of 6.

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    2. Javajunkie8b


      The trick to stun dmg is wait for those 2 or 3 arty games and be the 1st arty to hit the target.  Call for fire...give reload timers while your marker is on your target...anything to bring attention to what you are shooting at.  Oh yeah screw prescribed arty spots....make your own shots at whatever firing angle gives you the best line of fire.  As long as you're unspotted who the fuck cares how out of position you are.

    3. Darvek


      HT12 is doable in a wide variety of tanks. I did it in the IS6. I've had games that qualify in the T29, STI, KV4 and probably some others. You do need a cooperative enemy that doesn't just load HE or decide to go elsewhere instead of bouncing off your armor though. HT15, yeah. that's rougher.

    4. monjardin


      Yeah. I've done HT-12.3 in a WZ-111, but I needed the old VKB for HT-12.4.

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