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  1. Who is actually going to buy this 900$ package from WoT? Lol


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    2. Haswell


      It's not meant to be sold. It's there to make their other "deals" look good in comparison, but in the slim chance some schmuck actually buys it they don't lose anything either.

      Predatory marketing tactics.

    3. Assassin7


      No it isnt meant to be Sold, but honestly in reality its actually a damn good value, if you did want to own every prem in the game. 

      Its stupid and anyone who buys it is stupid, but its not bad value when compared to buying everything individually

    4. Haswell


      I bet they don't have an ISU-130. :doge:

      Even if they did, the tank itself is worth 5 gold. 5. That's under a dollar of real money. To jack the price up they are bound to sell a bundle of other random shit in order to throw in the 130 as a "free" bonus.

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