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  1. Welcome back, mate. As for now with 9.17 some more OP tanks come into the game as usual for new patches. But we will see what will be going on with the test server. Some nerfs to some of the new tanks would be appreciated. We finished T6 CW stage at position 151. T8 stage will start today.
  2. This Donald-thingy already entered Wotlabs? 605 members hype!!!!
  3. Ye, was a nice toon with stronk carries, stronk pushes and stronk "plebbing".
  4. It's about the BRAH hype train and the almost only usable icon/meme/graphic left. = (-;
  5. We should get two SH teams running. (-; Yesterday I was too late to join both the defense and the attack battle, because I was in a random battle at the time the invations were sent. )-:
  6. I won't be around tonight, too. Maybe "early" evening, but not after 19.30 or 20.00.
  7. One nice thing about Discord's overlay: You can set in options that only the names of TALKING ppl are displayed and not everyone in channel. That makes the overlay pretty space-saving.
  8. Ppl will stay with Discord once they tried it. And you can spread it over the gaming community. And I like the new requirements for joining BRAH. 2200+ WN8 overall achieved, now have to work on purple recents. Or with the words of my three cats dancing over my keyboard while me playing WoT: Time to get purrrrrple.
  9. As stated earlier you can drop me an invite to your SH's, if there's an open slot. Maybe I'll stay away from WOT a few more days, because my last three sessions were completely ebola. But once I returned I'll be available as a legionnaire or for toons.
  10. Trying to "git gud" for first time in this game. If you don't mind to suffer some strikes while sailing with me and seeing me doing weird things I would be happy to sail with guys that acutally are gud and to improve.
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