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  1. We need to fight more in struggleholds, for reasons.
  2. I'd check out Rolling Girls from this season as well. No idea how good it will be, but the first episode got me hooked :>
  3. If you like anime then check out Mahou or Loli (the later of which is mostly ex-DOS). Hope to see you around, friend!
  4. If you like anime then by all means check out MAHOU or LOLI.
  5. How could this happen T_T
  6. If you like anime then feel free to check out Mahou
  7. You should def check out Mahou, but... This is a much too stronk method of recruitment, RIP.
  8. I thought it was pretty good actually. I could see them doing a second season, but I'm not sure if the show was popular enough. Another opening of the same caliber would be really awesome though.
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