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  1. anyone else excited for AW open beta tomorrow?

  2. How is my w/r down but my wn8 up? dam u pubbies!


  3. I was in a match with you yesterday or the day before! GL with the streaming, and that's a sweet ass leopard BTW
  4. ROG GX1000, old but awesome and it has adjustable weights if you like it heavier or a little lighter
  5. http://wotreplays.com/site/2107681#el_halluf-armorandcavalryafb-vk_30_02_d VK 30.02 Tier 9 match 3200k damage Chai sniped for the most part best part is the final minute when arty tried hiding to force a draw, guess who found him
  6. half of my space seems to be unusable, its an ASUS ROG with a GTX 860m if that helps your advice, I tried to install DOTA2 to the D drive but it would not let me, how do I use that D drive to store games and things I still play and use?
  7. just got 2000 gold from the #SharEveryWin contest, anyone else get paid or get a tank yet?

  8. I would consider it a personal favor if any of you good people would considr purchasing the Armor And Cavalry Donation package from WG this week :)



      Hmm, member since Oct 2014. Looks legit.

    2. ArmorAndCavalryAFB


      ? care to expand on that? as if anyone is gonna see this now....

  9. Got Poole's Medal in the VK 30.01H, now I have somehow been in nothing but tier 7 matches since then

  10. 3 people fell into my diabolical profile stat padding trap :)

  11. Does typeing here to get people to click my name count as profile stat-padding?

    1. deathmachine16


      Violet stet pedder

    2. Cunicularius


      Not if nobody clicks

    3. ArmorAndCavalryAFB


      ouch cuni....ouch

  12. thanks man, think i'll just upgrade at my convenience then rather than make it a "priority" (first world problems)
  13. they found a cure???? please tell me your secret!!!
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