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  1. I would advocate the use of a version which only works on enemy artillery, because fuck them. It would be amazing if he made that small change and then released it to the public.
  2. WildSudowoodo


    Just a difference of opinion then; whether or not I like a Pokemon has absolutely nothing to do with how good it is. As an example I've always loved Furret because it's cool and simple, but it's absolutely worthless competitively. I did try Black 2, but got annoyed half way through at characters showing up randomly to gift me items. Having to walk through the Safari Zone on limited steps to find the Surf HM was both more challenging and more enjoyable than being given key items just for playing.
  3. WildSudowoodo


    Simplicity is still more aesthetic than something that's overdesigned, @rojo180. If you want to pick on a bad first generation Pokemon, pick on Mr. Mime both for its design and for its English name (its Japanese name translates to "barrier" which makes more sense).
  4. I load HE and team kill Tazilon every time I see him, which unfortunately has only been maybe three or four times.
  5. Women are not natural leaders. They can be, but the majority are not.
  6. N00B, the clan I just joined will be participating in the campaign with no current plans to do strongholds or clan wars. If you're just wanting some guys to play with to earn a reward tank, then shoot a message to LostThatLovinFeeling and come on in.
  7. The overwhelming majority of women have no place managing anyone, and are incompetent overcompensators.
  8. I wish you would not quote massive posts. Also, investigating which tank(s) he pads in is as easy as looking him up: http://wotlabs.net/eu/player/0nesh00t Though judging by his performance in higher tiers, he's acceptably decent. Just salty as fuck and intentionally being a prick.
  9. Does this tank catch fire frontally? And if so, is it a result of damaged engine or fuel tanks?
  10. I really hope we see Jar Jar come back as a Sith lord. Dead serious. That said, the only part of this movie I genuinely enjoyed was when doctor lady told Chewy how brave he was. Made me laugh.
  11. Just watching this now out of curiosity. There seems to be a typo in the opening text: "Luke Skywalker has vanished. in his absence ..." Strong lowercase "in."
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