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  1. wanted to store this here, not that you need 4.2k dpg in a sheridan to 3 mark it you need more like 2k. Been feeling kinda washed up since I peaked with this session.
    1. mistervanni


      very nice review, sadly NA ;p

      on EU i think it was a bit better even with daki being more popular?

  2. Someone else may have already brought this up but the embedded streams are not working @Never 

    1. Never


      Thanks for the heads up man, probably some change on Twitch's end. I'll sort it out!

  3. A 45 battle 3 Mark at tier 9 with 4.6k avg well beyond anything I had ever done before All games were streamed
  4. Will it ever be possible to see a top wn8 list that is larger than 10?
  5. This took some really hardcore gaming action. When I did this on NA took about 5600 which can a pain in this paper tank.
  6. Well since I am the only one who still posts here. Got some epic gaming to show you guys!!! http://wotreplays.eu/site/4606465#fjords-avocado-object_277
  7. Wotlabs updated so I could finally screenshot this 3 mark session. Quickybaby was right-need to let team die and redline for dmg
  8. Went hard in this K-9. Despite my efforts I have a 55% win rate over 100 games. On the bright side I had the best 4 consecutive games ever at one point.
  9. I would recommend less distracting mods. You could then have the awareness to not push into an open field, while perma lit against 3 arty.
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