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  1. wanted to store this here, not that you need 4.2k dpg in a sheridan to 3 mark it you need more like 2k. Been feeling kinda washed up since I peaked with this session.
    1. mistervanni


      very nice review, sadly NA ;p

      on EU i think it was a bit better even with daki being more popular?

  2. Someone else may have already brought this up but the embedded streams are not working @Never 

    1. Never


      Thanks for the heads up man, probably some change on Twitch's end. I'll sort it out!

  3. A 45 battle 3 Mark at tier 9 with 4.6k avg well beyond anything I had ever done before All games were streamed
  4. Will it ever be possible to see a top wn8 list that is larger than 10?
  5. This took some really hardcore gaming action. When I did this on NA took about 5600 which can a pain in this paper tank.
  6. Well since I am the only one who still posts here. Got some epic gaming to show you guys!!! http://wotreplays.eu/site/4606465#fjords-avocado-object_277
  7. Wotlabs updated so I could finally screenshot this 3 mark session. Quickybaby was right-need to let team die and redline for dmg
  8. Went hard in this K-9. Despite my efforts I have a 55% win rate over 100 games. On the bright side I had the best 4 consecutive games ever at one point.
  9. I would recommend less distracting mods. You could then have the awareness to not push into an open field, while perma lit against 3 arty.
  10. neither, stop while you are ahead
  11. Yes food is far more useful than having AFE think of it as an extra 2 pairs of vents. Yes the same setup is what I use for any other medium as well. Having over 500 view range is nice but with the current maps having 460 to break camo of heavies at max is good enough. I I am currently taking Joat as my 8th skill. There are just more useful things on a commander.
  12. I was the first player on NA to 3 mark the 430U this is what I used when I played it. Equipment: Rammer Vents V-stab Consumables (This is the setup for any tank in the game ever since stun arty) rep med food Directive Firefighting As for Crew skills JOAT is useless since you will always use a medkit ever since stun mechanic was added. I value situational awareness over even repairs since having it allows you to take vents>optics. The other crew members should get firefighting as soon as possible. Here is a video of s
  13. Juicy 3 mark post here we go Stat paddin ^ Best tier 8 tank in game ^ HARDEST MARK NA
  14. Reddit are the heroes we need to defend the under privileged class of arty!
  15. We need more drama like this to revive wotlabs
  16. I am just here trying to keep this thread and forum alive. I played a tank.
  17. I had to play it just to experience the stupidity. 77% solo win rate. Also no credits left, so good time to quit game.
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