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  1. ... TOGs with the frontal armor model of an E5?
  2. Bumping because i have nobody to toon with (soup excepted)
  3. I fucking hate all of my tier 8 prems.  can't perform consistently in any of them.  Why can't tier 9s be more fucking profitable?

    1. Inciatus


      because then you would buy prems

  4. Are tournaments worth playing anymore?  My friends all stopped playing, and 1v1 tourneys are super annoying for me.  Kind of apprehensive about trying the automatch thingy.

  5. Recently clanless, wanting to look into what my options are. At the moment I'm not I want to do CW every night, but I want platoons, tourneys, CW for Campaigns (at least), and/or maybe dankholds if we don't have to go serious (I don't want to play IS-3 in any sort of competitive format if possible). Have 4 viable Xs, was in training as a tier X caller until my old clans' head caller retired. So, yeah. Wondering what clans might be willing to take me that do one or more of the aforementioned activities.
  6. Just to get an opinion of better players: How many maps are there that have been removed, that would not be worth having back purely for diversity? I know Hidden Village and Komarin were widely considered to be shit, but at least they'd give some variety...
  7. Bumping because friends list is still fucking dead
  8. fuck the tankrewards mission for this month


    fucking spent 3 hours trying to do that shit tonight, giving up with only 2 of the missions done.

    fuck this game


    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      Last month it was "get your bonus even if you team is shit", but apparently they decided it wasn't inflicting the customary level of learned helplessness they prefer to cultivate with their game.

    2. zapyoug


      Ive gone on tanks vacation but I doubt I'll miss anything of value. Its not like the 44 100 is some sort of gem

  9. Type 95: 30M5 Stuart:35AMX 40: 8Sau-40: 21B1: 17-3= 14: Hasarmor effective against most of its tiermates, and can easily pen T5s* frontally with gold. Pz 38 Na:11Pz III K: 20Matilda BP: 22M4 Improved: 18Black Prince:15+1=16 Is lacking in both armor and mobility, and gun does not compensate. Type 62: 13 AMX AC 46: 18Kanonenjagdpanzer: 18AMX AC 48: 17FV4005: 24 *Excluding stronk soviet KV tanks.
  10. Tier whatever. Prefer silent so I can listen to music, but voice is okay.
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