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  1. Hello Dalamadur, Please consider CarteL [CARTL]. We are active in CW and SH. Tier VIII at the moment with high aspirations. We also participate in campaigns. Our only requirement is to be some what active and participate in Clan activities when you can. I can offer you a great group of tankers from all walks of life and conversation.....good or bad you will have to decide. We try to be friendly and in each other's corner. If you would like to talk more please PM me in game and we could have a conversation. Our TS is cartel.teamspeak3.com. Hope to hear from you. Best Regards, WhoDat65
  2. Consider CarteL. We are looking for active players to participate in clan stuff. Contact our recruiter GKGato if you would like to talk a bit.
  3. Consider CarteL. We can offer a laid back drama free environment. No mandatory playing just as long as you are playing some. No clan wars but we do weekly tournaments. Hit me up if you would like to talk more. Any consideration is appreciated.
  4. For a more laid back atmosphere consider CarteL.
  5. Consider CarteL. Right now we do weekly skirmishes and of course platooning. We are also pretty laid back.
  6. Consider CarteL. We are a mature bunch. Right now we are doing mostly tournaments and of course platooning. You will however be willing to play multiple tiers but I guess it's up to who you platoon with. We are laid back as well.
  7. Once you drop your tags then consider CarteL. Hit up one of our recruiters (BadComp0ny or teej1211) or just PM me in game. Great group of guys with which to platoon.
  8. Consider CarteL. You have good potential and we have good players to learn from.
  9. Consider CarteL. AWFUL may have the overall better players but we have the sexiest. We are pretty laid back as well.
  10. If you can get the TeamSpeak working then consider CarteL. We all love Chinese food and we are laid back.
  11. If clan wars is not a deal breaker and you want a more laid back atmosphere then consider CarteL.
  12. If you would like a more laid back environment then consider CarteL.
  13. Si Senor. If you can live without clan wars then consider CarteL. We're chilled.
  14. I think this is the wrong forum. Good luck though.
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