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  1. You don't like 4 gun dep, terrible arc, and a huge lower plate? Weirdo
  2. High capacity autoloaders are shit gimmicks, 263 is automatically better despite still being shit. Everyone is gonna get tired/hate the fochB and sell it, just like they did with the foch155. Its the exact same turd, except it's been polished and hung with an air freshener.
  3. But, aliens and paranormal activity
  4. What does the e50m have going for it? Still can't follow the bandwagon
  5. well, is7 is still total paper garbage with a shit gun and trashy mobility.

    Just managed to bounce on a 50b turret 3x.

  6. 75% crew M48, first battle, just under 10k combined. Well alrighty then

    1. MacusFlash


      Meanwhile my M48 has 25/15/5 - shots/hits/pens. I don't get it. On both common test and sandbox M48 is great but when I play it on regular server I get shit RNG.

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      I missed half my shots also, however I simply shot a lot :D 

    3. Kolni


      my first game postbuff was 8,7k damage, shit's amazing yo

  7. I'm enjoying this server merge. No longer run into the same 100 people for 2 hours straight. I can now see an even broader spectrum of stupidity.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Errants


      Stupid people are everywhere.  They're inescapable.

    3. nabucodonsor


      In Italy we say "mother of cretins are always pregnant" 

    4. OperatorError



      In Italy we say "mother of cretins are always pregnant" 

      In America we say "That's racist".




  8. Slightly less annoying to play, still sucks.
  9. Getting the hang of it, sorta. 100 battles, bit over 52% wr, 2.9k dpg. DPG is terrible and WR makes me cringe.
  10. when your LT blocks more than all your team's heavies.


  11. That's because it has the highest alpha and the turret saves you from mistakes occasionally. The average lt player only shoots like 2-3 times max. its actually my poorest DPG lt above tier8 and outdamaged by my 13 105 by over 500 dpg.
  12. 71 games, 43.6% wr. And other people have like 60% in it with 1500 dpg. Sigh, it will improve eventually :/
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