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  1. Whenever I think I'm full of myself I'm going to come back here and read this quote.
  2. Everything about the tank is unreliable One game you'll have 12/15 hits and an effortless carry. Next you'll go for 5/12, and 3 of those hits were track shots, while also getting heat derped through the face by a kv1.
  3. Fucking shitter Man I havnt said that in years, feels good.
  4. I am prepared to give you [Long pause for suspense] My account in exchange for info regarding your 0 key
  5. @Oicraftian Don't quote me you bastard. I didn't want to be raised from the dead just to read this
  6. By number of battle buddy medals
  7. Nope, don't have it downloaded. Another reason why the polish map will never be seen again.
  8. Polish map will never be seen again
  9. Gj wargaming, I almost want to download wot again to get this. Almost.
  10. Teamoldmill must be rock hard seeing this premium, providing he hasn't died of a stroke yet. Mentioning his name brings me back to the glory days of 2013 NA forum bullshittery. Times have changed
  11. Nah, downtiering the tigers to their proper places is too obvious and effective. We need to beat around the bush and fire random stat changes out of a shotgun
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