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  1. This thing is gonna be the shittiest tank in tier for consistency. Pub trash will load one clip of 219pen HE and proceed to either 1 clip a poor medium or die after dealing 4x100 damage to a heavy tank. Option B is load heat and proceed to hit spaced armor, low pen roll e100 lower plates, and cry like a little bitch.
  2. People play WoT because they hate themselves. Grinding is the most effective form of self harm.
  3. I love visiting here every couple months to see what other trash has been added. Ooof, thats a trashy tank and even trashier grind *leaves for 2 more months*
  4. I see, business as usual then. Carry on
  5. Don't. It's megashit. It's so shit that it only took me 2.4k dpg to 3 Mark it and get highest DPG on NA back when it was given out from clanwars. The gun sucks, the pen sucks, the mobility sucks, the armor sucks, it's huge, it's penetrated by arty reliably, it's sides are overmatched by 120s and higher. And worst of all you can only sell it for 1k credits. The buffs take it from worst tier8 med to.... still the worst tier8 med. Please don't waste your bonds on this shitheap. Id feel so bad seeing someone suffer the way I've suffered.
  6. Hey I still check forums like any addict
  7. If It's not Swamp or South Coast I don't want it
  8. With my WoT buddy passing away a couple days ago I'm going to retire my account as playing doesnt feel right anymore. This game has been a huge part of my life the past 8 years and contains many of my worst moments as a person. I'm at a point in my life now where I'm genuinely happy and not the unstable lunatic who took WoT as life or death. Idk how to properly say goodbye to a great friend, but I'm going to start by shelving WoT and its memories. I don't game much anymore between work and rock climbing, so this is a good point to end it.

    Take care wotlabs, it's been a weird ride from age 17 to 25, but I'm glad it happened.

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    2. GehakteMolen


      4 hours ago, hall0 said:

      Take care and see you in 5-6 months. 

      dammit, i wanna upvote this :P

    3. GehakteMolen


      As for losing a wot buddy, yeah, its weird, i played at some point multiple times a week with igo and eul (or body) and one day, he simply never logged back on again, and after a while, we knew, he would never log on again...(we knew he had cancer and it was looking bad) other clan member died in car crash, he wasnt driver, just going back hom with some friends (Morphelo)

      Igo_ hes last game was: 07/10/2016, we keep him in the clan, as dunno, memorial, that these strange internet ppl wont forget him, morphello got kicked, because hes sister sometimes played some games, and it was weird seeing him online, we asked here, and it was fine...

      (Body even bother uploading a youtube video:


    4. Enroh
  9. Vs rammer optics. Soloing sucks when you dont have maxed out VR. I'm poor so I haven't tried turbo
  10. This tank is GOD. I loved it back when it had 210 pen, now it's lovely! The only downside is MM matches you vs other heavies now so your team is always down a bit of armor
  11. I've witnessed a Maus up there. Nothing surprises me anymore.
  12. This piece of shit still has a place in my heart
  13. Tier8s arent supposed to be torture to mark... My poor asshole after all the tier8 autoloader bumrushes.
  14. You'll never have an average game in this tank. Its absolute shit, but it's some spicy shit.
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