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  1. It's official, I've returned while I wait out the virus. As someone who hasn't played in 2 years, are double barrel heavies, brit lights and wheeliebois enjoyable? Doesn't look like anything else is new.

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      Mahou players are still committed to being as edgy/cringy as possible. I guess not all things change.

      The double barrel heavies are fun tho. The amount of times I've baited a one shottable enemy out of cover by using 1 of my 2 shots is hilarious.

    3. lavawing


      PTA mobility got nerfed with the gun buffs


    4. SchnitzelTruck


      Wheelies are at least 2x more annoying than arty. Everything has higher alpha now. Everything can hulldown with impunity because universal armor buffs. Soooo... can I have the WoT from 5 years ago back? Only good thing I've noticed so far is that type5s no longer derp.

  2. 2 years without WoT and now im contemplating returning due to the shutdown and my horrendous boredom

    1. echo9835


      WoT will kill you quicker than Coronavirus. 

    2. kolni


      no fun because theres no all chat to collect tears anymore

  3. Whenever I think I'm full of myself I'm going to come back here and read this quote.
  4. Everything about the tank is unreliable One game you'll have 12/15 hits and an effortless carry. Next you'll go for 5/12, and 3 of those hits were track shots, while also getting heat derped through the face by a kv1.
  5. Fucking shitter Man I havnt said that in years, feels good.
  6. I am prepared to give you [Long pause for suspense] My account in exchange for info regarding your 0 key
  7. @Oicraftian Don't quote me you bastard. I didn't want to be raised from the dead just to read this
  8. By number of battle buddy medals
  9. Nope, don't have it downloaded. Another reason why the polish map will never be seen again.
  10. Polish map will never be seen again
  11. Gj wargaming, I almost want to download wot again to get this. Almost.
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