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  1. Sold:
    'Type 5 Heavy' successfully sold. Received credits:  3,120,470. Spent gold:  30. 


    So... I have now ground from tier5-10 in the new jap line. Thoughts/opinions,


    Tier5. (kept)

    Easily one of the most broken tanks tier for tier in the game. Absolutely a joy to play. It's so mobile for a 100 ton tank that it keeps up with m4's and pz4's and can get where it needs to go very easily compared to the rest of the tier5HT's. However the armor is pretty useless so you need to not rely on it.

    It honestly feels like im playing a tier6 with pref MM. Tier7 isnt a huge issue because you still have that bullshit 300 alpha and the mobility allows you to be a pseudo medium. And when top tier its so laughably broken that you will nearly always do as much damage as the rest of your team combined.

    -10 gun depression all around combined with 40kmh attainable top speed and 300 damage doom cannon makes this the most fun ive ever had playing lower tiers.

    Tier6. (sold)

    Not nearly as good tier for tier as the tier5, mostly due to being heavily weighed down by gimmicky armor that only works top tier and not really having guns that are reliable when bottom tier. Top tier its broke as fuck which is basically the theme for the line. You can farm steel walls all day long while top tier, and then when you are mid/bottom tier the excessive sluggishness is entirely your downfall as your armor wont block anything.

    150 derping is always fun, but that 20 second reload isnt. I preferred to use the 100mm gun since it basically makes it a much more sluggish t150 with more armor/pen.

    -10 gun depression is only in the frontal ~30 degree arc going down to chinese-like gun depression to the sides. Can be a pain in the ass and fuck you over when somebody flanks you.

    Tier7. (sold)

    Significantly less sluggish than the tier6, but still can only hit 25kmh limiting effectiveness. Gets -10 gun dep all around too, unlike the tier6.

    Other than that not much good to say. Armor is unreliable against same tier opponents and useless against higher tiers. Gun handling is far from stellar. DPM is pretty trash. AP pen is solid, however gold pen is useless at 215mm and doesnt help at all when bottom tier. I've heard some people use the derp and that works semi decently.

    Again, top tier its easymode beating up on tier5/6/some 7s. But when not bullying lower tiers its a very ineffective tank since it has no strengths that it can leverage.

    Tier8. (kept)

    The 2nd most fun tank in the line (imo) after the tier5.

    You get a 150mm derp with vertstabs, good gun handling, very manageable reload at 14 seconds, and side armor that isnt autopen to guns over 105mm caliber (side armor behind tracks on the tier5-7 is 35mm thick)

    About the same mobility as the tier7. Keeps its 25kmh speed limit fairly reliably.

    Gun depression can be an issue at times due to the tumors at the front. You get basically no gun depression over the tumors, however due to them being towards the left side of the tank you can just angle yourself slightly and get -10 depression to the right side of your tank. Basically try to always fight to your right side.

    Due to the shape of the hull (tumors being farther back and a large lower plate jutting out) you can angle the front around corners to bounce tier10s who always seem to think its an easy pen.

    Tier9. (sold)

    This tank... There is one thing good about it, 600 alpha at tier9.

    6 effective HP/ton, 20kmh speed limit that it cannot reach unless on perfectly flat ground going straight.

    Ammo rack issues similar to the LeopardPTA/1.

    Extremely large and paper hull cheeks making it extremely difficult/unreliable to sidescrape. Not to mention the ammo racks are behind them, the entire side, and the front of the upper hull.

    Hull armor is at that hit and miss 250mm flat level (with two 240mm sponsons holding the frontal wheels) Where tier9/10 AP can pen it often enough for it to be a problem especially since you cannot angle.

    It cannot bully tier8 HT's due to the 18 second reload and inability to angle vs gold spam. I have lost numerous 1v1's with IS3's in my Type4 HT simply because they autowim with APCR and out DPM me (not to mention they often ammo rack me and turn my reload into 35 seconds)

    Its simply a tank with so many faults that it cannot reliably influence a battle and is often just trying to get a few shots off before the game is over. Think of a t95 with butter armor vs gold.

    Tier10. (sold)

    Significantly better than the tier9, but that doesnt make it good since the tier9 is so unbelievably bad that anything is better than it.

    What you get over the tier9... speed buff to 25kmh. Massive terrain resistance buff so now it actually can hit 25kmh. Reload down to 15 seconds(still shit), Gun shield buffed from 260 to 280 that actually bounces some TDs.

    It combines the worst weaknesses of the rest of the HT's to the point where it cannot outplay any of its competition.

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    2. Stridsvagn 74

      Stridsvagn 74

      So: Having not played any of them... get the tier 5?

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Basically yeah.. The tier5 is ridiculous. 

      I love the tier8 too though... Example of how hard it is to Ace it,


      1573 base exp only 1st class in a tier 8.

    4. Fabunil


      Give it some time for all the idiots to reach the higher tiers who will lower the reqs for the ace tanker, currently very few and mostly (relativly) good players have played them who either freexped them or "powergrinded" them (either way not your average casual pubbie who averages 1.2k dpg in his E-100)

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