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  1. Why do people consider AW to have less RNG than WoT?

    It has astronomically more RNG in terms of shell dispersion within the aim circle. That imo is the only RNG that actually has a major impact on the game. The 25% damage/pen RNG in WoT is very rarely an issue. Does it suck to have your shot max low roll and leave a guy alive on 1hp? Yes, but that rarely happens. Does it suck to have a 1 in 50 chance of hitting a shot on the move with an MBT? Yes, substantially more.

    The only MBT I have played in AW that doesnt have russian 122mm + damage gun levels of gun handling is the Chieftain, which shoots on the move perfectly fine. The rest of the MBT's ive played (entire russian MBT line, challenger/ariete/Murican MBT's) all handle like they are horse drawn cannons.

    Absolute shit gun handling + horrific shot dispersion within the aim circle = significantly more RNG reliance and reliance on always being fully aimed. This slows the game down a fuck ton. I've found myself playing nothing but LT's and AFV's because MBT gun handling gives me cancer.

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      On the whole I'm just not able to get on the hype train. There are so many things about AW that I dislike. It's a solid game, but I think everyone is high on "grass is greener"

    3. Epic


      Oh yea, the (deeply rooted and intense) hate for WG makes a lot of people blind, it is kinda ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.

    4. Roku


      The RNG in AW will still rob you of kills, damage and wins often enough to make it as frustrating if not more so than WoT I find. The game is just really inconsistent as well. You can snipe a cupola for massively reduced damage (like 120 instead of 500), but on some tanks if you do the same thing, you do full damage. Chieftain cupola takes very reduced damage, but T-72 cupola takes full.

      GG I guess?

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