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  1. I nominate FCM most overhyped premium in the game.

    Holy shit is that gun bad.

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    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      No turret damage? That thing has magnets on the turret ring

    3. BlackAdder


      Ammo (rack) is big problem, gunner too. Other than that isn't big issue. Gun is ok, but sometimes derpy. 10/10 french. I love it because i don't have spam shit load of APCR, unlike IS6, 111 and other shity 122 guns. 

    4. Snoregasm2


      It's shit. The gun handling makes you massively inflexible (you'll get snap shotted by IS-3s whilst you're still fucking aiming, because French = no snap shot ability AT ALL), the mobility is fine but the camo is fucking ridiculously bad so you can't relocate properly in many instances as they'll spot your fat ass running, and the module/crew dmg (especially the ammo rack) means that you can't even trad eproperly and use your (slightly) superior DPM compared to other tier 8 tanks.

      Also, its MM weight is very high, so you get matched against IS-3s a lot, which is fun as 212 pen is a dice roll if they're facing you straight on.

      I'd much rather drive the M46 KR. You trade a little speed and a little DPM for tier 10 soviet med gun handling, camo, -10 dep, smaller profile and a much lower MM weight. The tier 10 issue has so far not been a problem with me - it seems to be top tier 50%+ of the time, which seems more than the FCM sees tier 8 (tier 9 all the way with FCM), with only about 15-20% tier 10 games so far. The trick is not to play it late at night as all the shitters have stopped plating tiers 6-8 then.

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