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  1. So far imo

    1. Sheridan. Best all around, doesn't suck in any aspect.

    2. AMX 13 105. Clips are always fun and 24 sec reload allows a level of flexibility that larger clip autoloaders don't get. Worst traverse.

    3. T-100. Pancake tank \o/. Jesus level gun handling, mediocre DPM for the lower alpha it has. Acc sucks soooo hard. Basically a useless tank at range. Can be difficult to control on uneven terrain because it drifts everywhere. Shittiest ammo of the bunch

    4. WZ-132-1. Gun handling kinda sucks ass. Turret surprisingly isn't that garbage. Most of it is 50/50 against 250mm APCR. Gun dep is limiting. The overall package is just underwhelming.

    5. RHM Pzw. Why is this thing so nerfed... Almost a full sec worse reload than the Sheridan, worse aim time, gun handling that belongs at tier5, crap ammo count that would have cost me games in the Sheridan. Best acc tho, hooray.

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      Same VR as the rest. The gun has the best balance of alpha, dpm, gun handling. Best gun dep. Near immune to arty pens and t49/derp Sheridan/183/type5's <<<<< Massive upside. In its current state compared to the other tier10 LT's its the best.

    3. saru_richard


      oh... well can you help me grind to those lines when the patch comes out?

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      Possibly, grinding is a bitch.

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