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  1. Anyone here skilled at exorcisms? My girlfriend is a sleep talker/walker/sleeps with eyes open

    Last night I turned around trying to get comfy and there she is smiling with her eyes wide open with our noses almost touching. The jump scare >.<

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    2. sohojacques


      What if the bit about her being asleep is a lie...

    3. Fulcrous


      By the power of christ, you missionary thee. In all seriousness, get more sleep. I'm no expert so google is my limitation. perhaps a code word would help to identify when she is asleep or not.

      I feel that this could be the setting  could be used in some horror flick xd

    4. Tigeh


      My kids last week gets out of his bed, climbs into ours and crawls up to my ear......lays down to 15 seconds then says very solemly into my ear.....

      "Actually, I like bones."

      a minute passes

      "I like bones"

      I can't help you mate.

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