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  1. Buffed AMX30b gets 3759 dpm with rammer/bia/food, 300 effective gun mantlet, and 0.03 turret dispersion. Who needs bloom anyway? >.<

    Goodbye STB-1


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    2. sohojacques


      M48 is getting a potentially shithot turret in 9.20, not just mantlet, no?

    3. ZXrage


      It's still about the same turret armor, with the M48 getting a weak mantlet (relatively) and the AMX 30 getting shit turret cheeks. Hell, it even took the M48's job of having a tumor out the top of its head.

    4. Fabunil


      Meh, I prefer the buffed Patton over the AMX tbh, overall better turret (especially against heat), better hull and a much more reliable gun when facing tier 10 heavies (good luck penning a Maus or Type 5 with 248 APCR/300 HEAT)

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