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  1. Every time I play the 110 I think to myself, ok maybe today is the day I will find out what this pos is good at. And every time I come to the conclusion that its good at being outclassed by tier7s in every aspect bar HP.

    I like how I have to face nothing but Chryslers, defenders, patriots, amx49's, tier9 and 10 heavies.

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    2. TAdoo87


      The good news is, you will forget about the 110 quickly during the WZ 11111111114 grind, that tank is just so nice. 

    3. flare_phoenix


      @mati_14 panther 8.8 grind? :bigdoge:

    4. mati_14


      @flare_phoenix  tried to mark it during Maus meta LUL

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