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  1. SchnitzelTruck (1:28:36 PM) "too many shitters"
    SchnitzelTruck (1:28:49 PM) -does sub 600 damage in a 252 and lives to the end
    SchnitzelTruck (1:29:15 PM) 1.7k games in the 252 and you cant even break 50%, id just give up if I were you
    SchnitzelTruck (1:29:39 PM) youre so god awful at it you cant even pull a positive armor use ratio
    Phonyowl2 (1:44:53 PM) its mm driven shitter I bant help I get stuck with shit team
    Phonyowl2 (1:45:42 PM) my 252 has goov numbers even thogh i get dragged down by tier ten shit teams
    Phonyowl2 (1:46:31 PM) dont twell me your not hacking clan platooning ive been around to long
    Phonyowl2 (1:46:45 PM) my numbers are real yours are not

    Phonyowl2 (2:03:19 PM) I gave other accouint to my don phuny owl so stfu noew w ill ypu? I hav enough of your bullshit you not gonna tell me you better cause i dont cheat so enough already asshole you dont and never will impress me with your fake stats
    Phonyowl2 (2:05:23 PM) fucking clow i could reroll and use all your haks the one how good I am but I know its fake like you

    Backstory. As soon as the game starts this guy moans about how we're gonna lose because there's so many shitters. I say "you included yourself, right?". He didn't like that, hid in the back all game, and called me out for hacking.

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    2. saru_richard


      @SchnitzelTruck i bet she was homeschooled 

    3. Medjed


      wtf is a funny owl?

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      I'd ask him but he put me on black list after 40 minutes of chatting to me while I was busy actually playing the game.

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