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  1. Got TK'd by some random e100 shooting my LT in the ass with HE for all my HP in the first 30 secs of the game. Then he and his platoon mates proceed to afk.

    If you oppose team damage removal you are mentally challenged


    1. Fulcrous


      Yeah... unfortunately WG believes that an automated system is effective when so many people get away scot-free by abusing the system.

      Last guy who tk'd me ended up getting a 7 day ban because I sent a ticket explaining how people abuse the automated team damage system and how discretion is necessary to prevent future griefing. I basically told them that by not taking action/discretion to punish, WG is approving of tking on a daily basis. Took like 5 minutes but it was worth it xd. Maybe I just got lucky that it wasn't a mod who didn't give 2 shits.

      It's a shame that this game is literally more toxic than LoL and CSGO combined.

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