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  1. With my WoT buddy passing away a couple days ago I'm going to retire my account as playing doesnt feel right anymore. This game has been a huge part of my life the past 8 years and contains many of my worst moments as a person. I'm at a point in my life now where I'm genuinely happy and not the unstable lunatic who took WoT as life or death. Idk how to properly say goodbye to a great friend, but I'm going to start by shelving WoT and its memories. I don't game much anymore between work and rock climbing, so this is a good point to end it.

    Take care wotlabs, it's been a weird ride from age 17 to 25, but I'm glad it happened.

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    2. kolni


      The first loss is always a hard one to tackle, you just don't have any experience to fall back on when it comes to grieving but time makes it inevitable so you simply have have to walk the walk. Grieving always sucks but it's necessary to move forward. Hope you're doing okay!

      Also finding a new hobby seems to be the only real way to quit WoT if it is your main hobby, I'm really happy I got into DJing (somehow a more expensive hobby than WoT was before scrims and credit boosters though.. not even including the turntables/mixer)


    3. hall0


      Take care and see you in 5-6 months.

    4. SchnitzelTruck
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