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    T54 Prototype

    So now that the t54proto is on the Test Server along with the Scorpion and the scorp got a thread I figured t54 deserved one too. So far I like it despite enemies full gold spamming on the test. Quite the bully tank. Like a more mobile Is6 in terms of frontal armor but without pref MM. Pretty garbage acceleration but I expected as much considering it has 200 effective upper plate at tier8. Lower plate is 165 effective due to weaker angle. Turret seems fairly solid also. Weakest point on gun mantlet is 180mm and goes up to 220+ from there. Cheeks of turret are similar with 180 at the flattest part going up to 300. 30mm roof though, however its very flat and hard to hit from the front without a bit of height advantage. A T-44 clone that traded its mobility for armor. The lack of acceleration and its tendency to hover at mid 30kmh is a bit annoying as you cant take advantage of forward positions very well. Gun handling is a bit iffy. Good enough to peekaboo snapshot people within 100m, but outside of that little chance to hit. -5 gun depression like all the Russian clones, a bit limiting but not completely terrible. Only 34 shells limits the carry ability especially if you use multiple shell types. On test I have 22 AP, 10 APCR, 2 HE and nearly ran out of AP multiple times due to the derpy nature of the 100mm while only managing ~4k dmg. Those that have played it, Thoughts on T54proto?
  2. SchnitzelTruck

    WZ-132-1 Hate Thread

    The single worst tank I have ever had the displeasure of playing. 71% hit rate... This gun is so fucking awful I find myself struggling to pass DPG's I easily get in tier8's. In fact my tier7 VK4503 has the same DPG. Which of course means I'm barely contributing and raping my WR. Massive module and crew damage. Nearly every hit will break or kill something. Fires are so common you cant run food to attempt to rectify the horrific gun. I tried running rep, food, and autoextinguisher. But with how heavy the crew damage is, especially from arty splashes, it's worthless. I'm not even gonna bother saying anything else about it, its not worth the words. If you're grinding the Chinese LTs, just stop. Its horrific tank after horrific tank, topped with a horrific tank. I'm gonna give it 50 battles and then most likely rage sell it just like I did with the 13 105.
  3. SchnitzelTruck

    BatChat 12T Appreciation Thread

    What happens when you take an AMX 1375 and increase its alpha, pen, top speed, gun handling, ammo capacity, gun elevation, give it vertstabs and double its horsepower, while retaining the same MM as before? A not too shitty tier8 that's actually pretty fun at times! I at first thought it was pretty trash because 170 alpha at tier8, come on guys...really? But now that I've put a solid number of battles under my belt ive had carries in this that I've never had in other LT's. It's very frustrating at times because the gun is your standard French baguette cannon firing croissants in random directions, and with only 4 shells in a clip that destroys your mid-long range capabilities. The rest of the package seems to work pretty well. You never really run out of ammo, have just enough VR to be a useful spotter, great mobility, decent gun handling, stealthy little bastard and extremely low to the ground with a tiny turret which seems to help me get away with stupid things and not get my face shot off.
  4. SchnitzelTruck

    LTG Find a Cure!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this poor creature you see before you is known as LTG. He has a rare developmental defect known as Russian Physics. RP can hideously deform and often leave sufferers with flattened bodies and bulging extremities, causing severe discomfort and societal isolation. Our goal is to reach 2,410,000 credits for further research into the causes and cures for RP. Only together can we find a cure! Free Goodies; Here's my highest damage game in it so far. Some scouting fun (I need to respec my crew, it was a heavy crew and doesn't have VR skills) Some pewpewing and stuff First mark \o/ Essentially its a T-43 with far better gun handling and mobility that trades HP and a tiny bit of RoF. Its pretty fun IMO and works surprisingly well. Also its stupid tiny with insane camo. 35% camo with 3 crew members at 80% camo skill and the commander not having camo yet. Edit: this is the LTG appreciation thread in case that wasn't obvious
  5. SchnitzelTruck

    AMX 50 Foch B

    You don't like 4 gun dep, terrible arc, and a huge lower plate? Weirdo
  6. SchnitzelTruck

    AMX 50 Foch B

    High capacity autoloaders are shit gimmicks, 263 is automatically better despite still being shit. Everyone is gonna get tired/hate the fochB and sell it, just like they did with the foch155. Its the exact same turd, except it's been polished and hung with an air freshener.
  7. SchnitzelTruck

    M48/M60 Fan Club

    But, aliens and paranormal activity
  8. SchnitzelTruck

    FV4202(P) post "buff" thoughts?

    9.20.1 next patch
  9. SchnitzelTruck

    M48/M60 Fan Club

    What does the e50m have going for it? Still can't follow the bandwagon
  10. well, is7 is still total paper garbage with a shit gun and trashy mobility.

    Just managed to bounce on a 50b turret 3x.

  11. 75% crew M48, first battle, just under 10k combined. Well alrighty then

    1. MacusFlash


      Meanwhile my M48 has 25/15/5 - shots/hits/pens. I don't get it. On both common test and sandbox M48 is great but when I play it on regular server I get shit RNG.

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      I missed half my shots also, however I simply shot a lot :D 

    3. Kolni


      my first game postbuff was 8,7k damage, shit's amazing yo

  12. I'm enjoying this server merge. No longer run into the same 100 people for 2 hours straight. I can now see an even broader spectrum of stupidity.

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    2. Errants


      Stupid people are everywhere.  They're inescapable.

    3. nabucodonsor


      In Italy we say "mother of cretins are always pregnant" 

    4. OperatorError



      In Italy we say "mother of cretins are always pregnant" 

      In America we say "That's racist".




  13. SchnitzelTruck

    WZ-132-1 Hate Thread

    Slightly less annoying to play, still sucks.
  14. SchnitzelTruck

    WZ-132-1 Hate Thread

    Getting the hang of it, sorta. 100 battles, bit over 52% wr, 2.9k dpg. DPG is terrible and WR makes me cringe.
  15. SchnitzelTruck

    Two new premiums in September?

    Definitely AMX 105 and Chinese TD
  16. when your LT blocks more than all your team's heavies.


  17. SchnitzelTruck

    WZ-132-1 Hate Thread

  18. SchnitzelTruck

    WZ-132-1 Hate Thread

    That's because it has the highest alpha and the turret saves you from mistakes occasionally. The average lt player only shoots like 2-3 times max. its actually my poorest DPG lt above tier8 and outdamaged by my 13 105 by over 500 dpg.
  19. SchnitzelTruck

    WZ-132-1 Hate Thread

    71 games, 43.6% wr. And other people have like 60% in it with 1500 dpg. Sigh, it will improve eventually :/
  20. Cant wait for the flavor of the month padders to get bored of the maus

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    2. Fulcrous


      idk how people can spam maus. it gets boring when everyone runs away from you because xvm

    3. Hellsfog


      boring and you get a map where you are nothing but an ice cream cone for arty. 

    4. hazzgar


      People still play it? I see less and less of them and I have that shit mission to do dmg to heavies in a med.

  21. SchnitzelTruck

    M3 Lee to be removed from game

    It's the US. Anything is possible.
  22. LT's are overpowered


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    2. Assassin7


      the actual fuck? for what alpha?

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      390 alpha for over 9 secs.

    4. MAJEST1C


      Turret rotation is slow too

  23. SchnitzelTruck

    WZ-132-1 Hate Thread

    When autoloaders yolo for kills
  24. SchnitzelTruck

    T57 Heavy loss

    pretty much all you do in the t57 is face fuck people. Be smart of course. Let an ally take a hit if possible and wait for opponents to be on reload/distracted before popping out to blast someone for 1600. Always be hulldown when peeking if possible. The turret is bullshit. if you can't hulldown, peekaboo with your front angled around a corner. It gets some stupid bounces that way, even if they hit the front wheel. I don't recommend sidescraping at close range due to the fact the turret cradle sticks out a bit and is an easy pen along with some weird paper thin spots behind the tracks. So long as you're observant there is almost always a distracted or reloading enemy you can quickly ruin the life of with minimal risk.
  25. SchnitzelTruck

    WZ-132A Toleration Thread

    Didn't see one yet, so I made one. If I missed it on accident, just delete this Pros: -Highest alpha of tier9 LT's (T49 derp doesn't count). Smacking for 320 is a bit nicer than tickling tier10s for 240 -Standard Chinese LT random turret and upper plate bounces. Saves your butt often enough -Highest AP pen by a fair amount. 220 vs 203/205/212/215 on the AMX 1390, T54LT, T49, RU251 -Literally nothing else Cons: You pay massively for that alpha -Horrific 0.42 acc. When you get around to aiming in you miss anyway -Worst gun handling of all tier9 LTs and about the same as the AMX1390, which has far better acc but worse aim time. So its probably a draw. -RU251 and T49 get 20m higher base VR than you, 410 vs 390m. With optics, food, and sit-awareness, and partial recon I have 464m VR... Garbage. The only LT with lower VR is again the AMX1390. -Feels very sluggish to turn, It's worse than a lot of mediums -5 gun dep on mobile tanks is awful. Careful positioning is difficult and very easy to screw up your shots. -Very expensive shells. Over 1k per shot Its workable, but damn... this takes my hatred of Chinese tanks to a whole new level. You're basically using the IS2's gun with an alpha nerf facing nothing but superheavies. So yeah, thread for discussing this thing that has a gun longer than its hull.