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  1. Give me upvotes to feed my soul since its 4am and I havnt had dinner and the house has no food



  2. Forum ban #39


    Worth it

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    2. blackzaru


      Will try to bait him/her to blow me off for a T-22 code.


      Wish me he/she doesn't bite.

    3. Vindi


      This post made my day. Seriously 10/10 kek

    4. Flaksmith
  3. Buddy is back! This time a stellar review of the IS6! http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/413123-world-of-tanks-review-is-6-premium-heavy-tank/ Shifty I know you just love his reviews :3

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    2. Medjed


      i can't believe i actually felt bad for this guy when i read his bio on his site....jesus fucking christ he's a gooddamn braindead shitter

    3. Shifty_101st


      Yep, hacking stat padder. I feel sorry for him because he is literally THAT stupid. Ok here's the deal. I'll offer to help him become "better" one more time on the thread tonight when I get home from work ok? That way it is public as well.

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      Your heart is bigger than your brain shifty, bless you.

  4. Meixcan players in this game have completely turned me into a Racist...

  5. Hello everyone. Not gonna lie, reading the ban thread made me cry and I still haven't completely read through it. There are many reasons why I love wotlabs and the main reason why is the community. It's not just about the game here, its so much more than that. 

    Thank you all for the well wishes. I think my ban ended last Tuesday, however after that was unfortunately the lowest point in my life and I have been in psychiatric care for the past 9 days without technology.

    I just want to say I absolutely love this forum and thanks to @Solono for understanding and giving me a second (3rd?) chance.

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      Gotta be careful with that shit @BlackAdder

      i have no hard feelings about being kicked from Bulba, everyone there was always friendly towards me. I agree with their decision even though it does pain me a little. There is in fact a line that should not be crossed.

    3. Monkey


      So glad your back!

    4. your_Master


      It's good to have you back friend

  6. I never realized how important touch is until I recently made a ladyfriend and cannot touch her without feeling like a disgusting piece of shit.

    Hooray for gland disorder causing me to sweat fucking rivers from my hands 24/7 for the past 15 years!

    Below is an average moment. ENJOY THE ABILITY TO TOUCH YOUR LOVED ONES!! I ENVY YOU!!!


    Bored + venting

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    2. Wanderjar


      well, if we get drunk enough...

      we can even like furry stuff :drunk:

    3. MissNurki


      Give botox a go, man. It's not like the anti perspirants that burn like motherfuckers because they are working on your skin. Botox will numb your glands, although the treatment to get the botox at first won't feel good since it's actual needles. Also, I am very sure I saw something like this on that british show, Embarrassing Bodies, or what it's called. Can't remember if they went for botox there successfully, but either way they did find a treatment that worked well.

      I use Aco Extra Effective and that shuts down the whole area for a couple of days, but it sure as hell burns and I don't have a disorder.


      Video not working for me, but you can read the video transcript, it explains in detail what's being done and how effective it is. This was surgery to permanently fix this issue though, not Botox that just lasts for a little while.

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      Waking up to my lady friend calling me adorable and krugg being his beautiful self. Woot. 

      Thanks nurkie

  7. Updated rules of Platoon creation:

    • Players can join a battle in a Platoon that has any set of vehicles (regardless of their tiers)
    • Players will see a notification in which they are recommended to assemble a Platoon in which all the vehicle are of the same tier (for doing so, the players in the Platoon will receive a bonus to their experience)
    • If all the vehicles in the Platoon are of the same tier, all members of the Platoon will earn a bonus after battle (the amount of the bonus depends on the tier of vehicles in the Platoon: higher tiers mean a bigger bonus)
    • If there is a more than three-level difference between the maximum and minimum tiers of the vehicles in the Platoon, the players in such a Platoon will be penalized in experience (the amount of penalty is larger, the higher the difference in tiers)

    From patchnotes

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    2. no_name_cro


      WG developers stronk! They see logic that you cannot see. :doge: 

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      This is the most fucking annoying bug i've ever encountered. Every time I get a notification from wotlabs my game minimizes and refuses to go back to fullscreen.

      How to turn off notifications???

    4. MacusFlash


      @no_name_cro I'm sober, that's why.

      @SchnitzelTruck alt+enter if you want to switch back to fullscreen. I have some problems with this too.

  8. when 2 players in your skirmish team who have the most important tanks dont show up a single time...

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      yeah... the team who uses skycancer as skycancer instead of base pushers/spotters for the dogs loses often.

      Cool your tits OTL. you still get 5k gold regardless of losing to us shitlords :3

    3. OneTrueLeader


      pity didnt have any place to call me out. i wouldnt want to spend my time/credits when i could do something better with my time. yeah i deleted my post. and you had me, the reverse psychology worked plus the unorthodox strat.

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      you know.. whenever you call someone out right before a game both in pixeltonks and irl. you lose the game. Happens every time lol.

  9. This older woman I'm going to Germany for a month with in a week and who I've been hanging out with a lot lately is the most compatible person I've ever met and she was talking about how well we work together while we were out yesterday/today.

    she has a BF who takes Krav Maga and is getting jealous.

    if you don't hear from me anymore it's because I'm laying dead in a ditch 

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    2. MAJEST1C


      How hard is it to get license in EU?

    3. saru_richard


      i see Schintzel likes them old :P

    4. BlackAdder
  10. PEwz1fQ.jpg

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    2. Assassin7
    3. Captain_Rex33


      since you obviously just asked how the thread worked allow me to answer...

    4. kreigermann


      Wow... He sort of reminds me of someone trying to overcome a language barrier that then also confuses the language barrier with the person they are talking to also being stupid, so they keep repeating themselves louder and slower each time they repeat it despite being told "that's not what I'm asking, why do you keep repeating yourself?"

      'Murkan English is different from your English, clearly. I SAID, 'MURKAN ENGL....

  11. Y'all wanna hear the elusive schnitzelsuccess story?

    that girl I was going to Germany with, well yesterday was our first day together on our month long trip and we've already fucked 3x last night and this morning.

    im going to enjoy this vacation :kreygasm:

    when you play less tanks good shit happens


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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      @Fulcrous I'm not getting any complaints so far ;) 

    3. MacusFlash


      Stop being super purple everywhere. It's not fair...

    4. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You
  12. Logged in, found this beauty http://i.imgur.com/SX7FL1G.jpg

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    2. mereelskirata


      mr. sexii sexii

      Don't mind me, just testing.

    3. mereelskirata


      I didn't know that. You know what that reminds me of? All Hail God-Emperor Solono!

    4. MAJEST1C


      I lost interest half way through.

      Tell him you're part of navy seal... Hue

  13. wz111... fucking useless. Same bulshit pikenose that some drunk ass russian retard designed to look pretty instead of combat effectiveness

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    2. Shifty_101st


      STAHP!!!!! You guys are making me not want to play the tank. Jesus cmon

    3. kariverson


      Schnitzel if you think about real life tank combat pike noses would be more effective since tank didn't peak out of cover angles but fired shots in long ranged face to face.

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      Yupo... useless

      Worst grind ever for worst tank ive played. Entirely useless. Reverse sidescrape? get deck overmatched... facehug? hatches say hi. Hull down? hatches say hi. dont go hull down? pos upper and lower plate. This tank doesnt have workable armor... at all... Fucking garbage

  14. Anyone here skilled at exorcisms? My girlfriend is a sleep talker/walker/sleeps with eyes open

    Last night I turned around trying to get comfy and there she is smiling with her eyes wide open with our noses almost touching. The jump scare >.<

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    2. sohojacques


      What if the bit about her being asleep is a lie...

    3. Fulcrous


      By the power of christ, you missionary thee. In all seriousness, get more sleep. I'm no expert so google is my limitation. perhaps a code word would help to identify when she is asleep or not.

      I feel that this could be the setting  could be used in some horror flick xd

    4. Tigeh


      My kids last week gets out of his bed, climbs into ours and crawls up to my ear......lays down to 15 seconds then says very solemly into my ear.....

      "Actually, I like bones."

      a minute passes

      "I like bones"

      I can't help you mate.

  15. @zapyoug Does AMX 50 120 count as a shit tank?

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      I'm trying to remember how to play the 50 120... It's been a while :/

      Sucking shit so far.

      @Assassin7 I dont have a MatildaBP :(

    3. OOPMan


      @SchnitzelTruck Black Prince was pretty decent last time I played it, a long time ago. It's great at firing on the move, which is a good thing given it's top speed :-)

    4. mati_14


      lol i 3 marked mine, fucked up my DPG and WR after 50 games, tank is good IMHO, i like it a lot more than T54E1

  16. Sold: 'E 100' successfully sold. Received credits: 2,949,200.

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      who's to say i dont already have those?

    3. Medjed


      at least you could wait for discounts to be over so you get more creds for selling it

    4. YesThatWasAPCR


      Something cathartic about rageselling a tank

  17. French themed restaurants are amazing. You can walk in hungry, get a $6 bottle of water, a massive empty plate covered in garnish and a small fillet of grilled fish on a bed of lettuce, a glass of mediocre wine, and walk out $83 poorer and still hungry

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    2. DirtyACE7


      You from OR @SchnitzelTruck? Where in OR?

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Eugene :D 

    4. DirtyACE7


      Awesome! I'm over in Bend. My wife is a UO alumn though.

  18. Archer is by far the worst tank below tier7 i've ever played. Positioning is impossible D:

    3 mark material!!!! :drunk:

  19. Every time I feel like wot could be fun I take a look at this forum and my urge dies. Wotlabs, the nicotine patch of tanks

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    2. wes


      I still watch streaming but everytime I saw the streamer cursed about troll bounce and miss I was so glad I were not playing anymore.

    3. Oicraftian


      Not if you're bad. That's irredeemable.

    4. Matross


      Welcome back~

  20. hahahaha


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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      Nah she had an abusive boyfriend and left him instantly after being with him for 7 yrs. She's very happy now :D 

    3. MAJEST1C


      Switch place with me :verysmug:. I think my GF dupe me, I'm too workaholic. 

    4. BlackAdder


      @SchnitzelTruck plot twist, boyfriend is WarMachine :doge:


  21. Everyone I know is going somewhere or doing something for spring break, meanwhile I'm sitting here with a bunch of chocolate muffins and multiple tubs of ice cream. I think I'm the real winner.

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    2. KenadianCSJ


      I know you mentioned that. I just mean, you are like, stereotypical German. Blonde and blue eyes. Adolph's skeleton faps his bones to you.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      UPDATE: I have run out of muffins and am down to 1 tub of ice cream



      Unrelated, almost at 100,000 profile views. :party:

    4. KenadianCSJ


      Make more muffins you shitter. :wut:

  22. Every time I play the 110 I think to myself, ok maybe today is the day I will find out what this pos is good at. And every time I come to the conclusion that its good at being outclassed by tier7s in every aspect bar HP.

    I like how I have to face nothing but Chryslers, defenders, patriots, amx49's, tier9 and 10 heavies.

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    2. TAdoo87


      The good news is, you will forget about the 110 quickly during the WZ 11111111114 grind, that tank is just so nice. 

    3. flare_phoenix
    4. mati_14


      @flare_phoenix  tried to mark it during Maus meta LUL

  23. T4nK83. TK this player on sight please. I will give 2500 gold if you have a screenshot.

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      first to show me proof gets 6500 gold. I dont wanna give away more than that...

    3. KruggWulf


      I'd do it for free, honestly. I hate bad arty players in the first place. IF they're focusing you when you're not in a threatening position nor a very threatening tank to the point they are costing their team, they deserve what they get. But uh, a little gold would be great, even if it's only 1250 :3 Either way I'll tk his ass if I see him.

    4. Nekommando


      Any bonus for creative BM?

  24. SchnitzelTruck (1:28:36 PM) "too many shitters"
    SchnitzelTruck (1:28:49 PM) -does sub 600 damage in a 252 and lives to the end
    SchnitzelTruck (1:29:15 PM) 1.7k games in the 252 and you cant even break 50%, id just give up if I were you
    SchnitzelTruck (1:29:39 PM) youre so god awful at it you cant even pull a positive armor use ratio
    Phonyowl2 (1:44:53 PM) its mm driven shitter I bant help I get stuck with shit team
    Phonyowl2 (1:45:42 PM) my 252 has goov numbers even thogh i get dragged down by tier ten shit teams
    Phonyowl2 (1:46:31 PM) dont twell me your not hacking clan platooning ive been around to long
    Phonyowl2 (1:46:45 PM) my numbers are real yours are not

    Phonyowl2 (2:03:19 PM) I gave other accouint to my don phuny owl so stfu noew w ill ypu? I hav enough of your bullshit you not gonna tell me you better cause i dont cheat so enough already asshole you dont and never will impress me with your fake stats
    Phonyowl2 (2:05:23 PM) fucking clow i could reroll and use all your haks the one how good I am but I know its fake like you

    Backstory. As soon as the game starts this guy moans about how we're gonna lose because there's so many shitters. I say "you included yourself, right?". He didn't like that, hid in the back all game, and called me out for hacking.

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    2. saru_richard


      @SchnitzelTruck i bet she was homeschooled 

    3. Medjed


      wtf is a funny owl?

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      I'd ask him but he put me on black list after 40 minutes of chatting to me while I was busy actually playing the game.

  25. All my forum alts are currently on various R/O's from 3 -7 days. Idk what to do now... my life has no meaning.

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    2. Ollie Tabooger
    3. SchnitzelTruck


      yeah, to efficiencyBestMetric after I got on QB

    4. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      Lol only bads get on QB's channel

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