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  1. This thing is gonna be the shittiest tank in tier for consistency.

    Pub trash will load one clip of 219pen HE and proceed to either 1 clip a poor medium or die after dealing 4x100 damage to a heavy tank. Option B is load heat and proceed to hit spaced armor, low pen roll e100 lower plates, and cry like a little bitch.

  2. On 4/3/2021 at 4:23 AM, GehakteMolen said:

    the chieftain looks interesting though, not good, but its a nice looking tank, if it doesnt suk dik after this buff, i might get that one

    Don't. It's megashit. It's so shit that it only took me 2.4k dpg to 3 Mark it and get highest DPG on NA back when it was given out from clanwars. The gun sucks, the pen sucks, the mobility sucks, the armor sucks, it's huge, it's penetrated by arty reliably, it's sides are overmatched by 120s and higher. And worst of all you can only sell it for 1k credits. The buffs take it from worst tier8 med to.... still the worst tier8 med. Please don't waste your bonds on this shitheap. Id feel so bad seeing someone suffer the way I've suffered.

  3. Just now, Tman450 said:

    The HE would be nice, except it's almost impossible to use unless you have it preloaded because you would have to reload your entire magazine and loading a single shell takes almost 20 seconds.

    Dont worry, he'll be camping the hill for 10 minutes. Plenty of time to fire maybe 4 times.

  4. 12 hours ago, woodman663 said:

    My favourite play that I've watched so far that was actually proactive was going 1-line, specifically this position that allowed this player to absolutely murder the enemy heavies. I think with this play south can probably win the 1-line with plenty of time to get back into position to defend their cap from the enemies who went forest.

    I am wondering if this guy was 'lucky' or if Murovanka played optimally would turn into an east vs west battle.

    Schermopname (146).png

    From my experience that guy got lucky. You need good camo, mobility, and pen. No enemies going into the the valley between the two hills/wheelies randomly running across the the hills or allies that instantly die. It's an all or nothing play where you gamble a good game or going to the garage quickly as you have no escape if something goes suboptimal. Once you're there you're stuck until you either win or lose.

  5. Those soft stats alone make this the worst tier10 by a wide margin. The rest of the stats dont even matter in comparison. If they dont buff this during test I'd be amazed.

    Edit: After looking at the entire line, all the heavies need buffs.

    The tier7 is a 240 alpha heavy with RNG armor, 42 acc, bad soft stats, terrible prem pen(18 pen increase over AP) and slow as hell.

    The tier8 has 1500 DPM!!!!!! and once again terrible prem pen (242). On the bright side 17 hp/ton

    Tier9 with 1900 dpm :( and a hull very similar to the T-10 which we all know is worthless.


    The tier7-9 tanks have relatively small butter turret cheeks surrounded by ricochet angles which is going to make fighting them RNG hell. Meanwhile the Tier10 is an AP purists nightmare or a prem spammers dream. These all look like pure distilled frustration to use and fight between their unreliable armor layouts, bad soft stats, and shit prem ammo.

  6. 6 minutes ago, lavawing said:

    Btw how do I disable wotlabs stats? :feelsbad::brokenheart::notlikethis::oscar::cri::rabble:

    gtfo pubtrash :gachi:


    Alright I remember how to play this pos. Unlike the Panther and P88, this things side armor cant be overmatched by 122+ guns, but nobody remembers that and you can sidescrape to victory. Went city on Ensk and blocked 3k damage sidescraping and peekabooing and murdered half the idiot heavies. Even managed to fuck over a 705A who kept shitting on my tracks.

    When you arent in a city map sidescraping for your fucking life you're playing the same as any support tank. hang back where you can easily dodge return fire. Then probably fucking die anyway because youre slow as fuck, unarmored, and larger than most heavies.

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