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  1. LOL, ok. Thx I guess I'll do 1 or 2 battles in my T1 Cunningham quickly to get it.
  2. Thx, code activated Haven't logged in in like 2 weeks now: which tank is being given for the holidays? Just a login required?
  3. Bob wants to have fun playing tanks. If Bob can't have fun playing tanks because he's whole shit lord of a team manages to disintegrate inside 2 minutes because of (and using your examples here): suicide scouts, retard heavies and idiot arties, Bob might as well have some fun in chat. I'd say: Go Bob!!
  4. Ladies and gentlemen: I give you the MIACOT Maus armour IS7 turret AMX50B clip Comet gun depression Obj140 reload T37 mobility
  5. Why you have be mad?! Is just game !
  6. LOL, that's just funny. First off, I didn't "cheat". Not because I'm against rigging (which is a much more correct way of calling it), but because I just can't be bothered to play this extremely frustrating game mode. I've completed exactly 1 mission (number 2 I think) in the Steel Hunt missions and I won't be completing any others. That being said. If I cheat in a game I am therefore less trustworthy in my job?? LOOOOOL, aaaaalrighty then. I work as an infrastructure architect, I know what stress is, I deal with clients and designers all the time stuck between the 2. (not compl
  7. He's not asking for too much view range. He wants to know how much view range is enough to be workable. In tier 8, 400m is sufficient. in tier 9 and 10 try to get it up to 440m. Now of course, if you can have more, you should definately go for that. But don't sacrifice everything else, since the meta and corridor maps severely limit the max view range usage.
  8. Only up to tier 5? Never understood that choice. T5 can be easily grinded over a week or 2 by just playing the doubles in a platoon where your buddies can carry you. As for the crew skills, just use a new 75% crew until you get to T6 where you can actually use your good crew and retrain them with gold. That being said, I'll use the same amount of gold on the Czech tree as I do on the others: 0! The gold I get with CW I'll use for premium time, crew retrains and permanent camo. That's it.
  9. OK, so it's just the interface that changed and not the bonusses. That was a very necessary change BTW. Good thing WG doesn't have more important things to do like ghost shells, crew skill changes, arty rebalancing, ... Oh well.
  10. Logged back into WoT for 3 battles yesterday after not having played for over a week now. Surprised to see to see that the emblems are still implemented the way they announced it earlier: gold for permanent emblems, credits for 30 days. Did I miss anything? Did they announce they (WG) are idiots and will still implement the emblems the way they wanted to earlier?
  11. I have only noticed this when I'm playing arty. Can't say if it is the same in regular tanks but I don't have time to notice it, or if it's only a problem in arty ... In the Gvosdika arty, the reload indicator says around 11.09 secs if I'm not mistaken. However, when the timer is up and the light gets green on the recticule, it still takes an extra sec or so before the shell is actually loaded. Anyone else notice this? Is this a problem with the crew/commander perks not being applied correctly? Or is just the visualisation not correct?
  12. Posted in the America subsection, but if I assume you would look at other nations as well I would go like this. For credits only: JT88 (not sure if still available) -> Lowe -> CDC -> T34 -> FCM/STA2 -> KV5 -> 112/IS6/WZ111/SP/... Last group can make a buttload of credits too, but normally you will be shooting a lot more prem, cutting into your profit For fun (only included tanks I play): IS6/SP -> FCM -> anything -> really anything -> don't care which tanks -> dead last option -> T34 If you are looking into other tiers as well, I truly
  13. I used to love Rita. Not because she is the best player, far from it actually. But she was nice and interacted with her viewers. And most importantly, she liked the game for the game. Now, it has become indeed "work" for her (whether it's easy or not doesn't matter). She plays and does "her" blog to make money. The fun is gone. And you can really tell from the way she streams and posts on her blog. Which reminds me, her blog layout ... Really Rita, still that default blogspot layout? You can't tell me you can't get a decent blog layout, right??
  14. Yesterday in SH, the team decided to drown the last T92 arty on Malinovka just for the fun of it.  While 8 tanks pushed from me the front I stayed on his side to make sure he couldn't turn away.  Didn't even touch a single ally.  Of course since we all started dying 1 sec apart (from drowning) we managed to "team kill" 9 players.  No prob.  Had a good laugh.  Post game result: -50k credits for causing damage to my allies and turned blue for team killing ... LEL. GJ WG, wasn't even touching an ally.  Oh well, had a good laugh anyway

    1. monjardin


      Are they ever going to turn off the anti-TK system in SH? It's dumb. So many stupid bans.

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