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    I haven't seen the last two season due to my wife's aversion to graphic violence, but I've mainly given up on the series just because of the novels.  The first three (ok, maybe 2 and a half) are great.  It started going bad with book 4 wasting a bunch of time on characters I don't give a rat's ass about.  Then book five made me stop caring about the story at all.  I've never seen so many pages detailing so damn little actual story.  And the amount of shit that he puts the characters through has achieved comical proportions.  Either he's just trolling us now or he is in serious need of an editor that can tell him no.  Stop with the damn travelogues, stop with the fucking pointless details about every thing everyone is eating, and stop with the damn torture porn. 
    Read Joe Abercrombie books instead.  He does grim fantasy better at this point.
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