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  1. hi guys, after some games recently i feel that in a lot of games, especially when i'm playing my leopard 1, a large part of my damage done is just non-essential. There's always a point in the game i know my team has already won, either because we already controlled all the major strategic positions on the map, or because we already have a large health/tank lead, and i could just go afk and nothing will change. Normally in those games, half or more damage in the end result screen are "farmed" after the actual point of winning. In other scenarios, i feels like some of the shots i took we
  2. hello zeven, thanks for the stream! I learnt a lot from it. i have a question, if i am in a leopard 1 or any other no-armor fast tank,it often occurs to me that when i initially went one side but it was outnumbered, i want to try to make the other flank work and push quicker, but sometimes i just dont know how to do it, our heavies are just too passive, like in ruinberg, there isn't much of flanking to do. What should i do in these scenarios? I often just yolo in and hopefully can give my heavies some moral boost.. It works of course not very well .. sorry about the bad english by the way
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