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  1. Echoing most of what's been said already, this thing isn't good against tier 10s but it's amazing against 8s and sometimes 9s. Got Ace in my sixth game, granted I was top tier and in a platoon. Overall I'm pleased to have purchased it. It's just a good, solid heavy-medium. Looking forward to trying it in strongholds. http://wotreplays.com/site/1821968#sacred_valley-thelancermancer-t-54_first_prototype
  2. I really enjoyed this tank, but in fairness didn't have the SU-122-44 at the time to compare it against. Played 92 games in this past December, went 2021 WN8 and 56% winrate in it. Sold it to get the SU-101. I would point out that the stock suspension is close to capacity, it won't even mount a camo net. I ran mine with springs for several games because I hate having money wanted vents and a rammer and didn't have any free xp available. Switched the springs for binoculars once that was resolved. I attribute most of the hate it gets to some players not fully adapting to rear-anything
  3. Since you started in TDs, do you have any advice specific to moving out of TDs and into mediums? I'm still working on the German and Soviet TD lines (JPzE100 and Obj263), but shifting focus to the Russian and German mediums. I think I'm doing alright in mediums, but I keep falling back into a weird midrangey sniping playstyle, like I would play the Jagdpanther. Is that normal, or is there something I should do to break that habit? Also this please ^
  4. Hey everyone, been lurking for a couple weeks and using the stats part of the site, so figured I ought to check in. I started my account back in 2011 to platoon with some friends. I forget exactly what version the game was on, but by the patch history it was 6-something. Took a strictly free to play approach, made lots of newbie mistakes, primarily focused my efforts on the German and Russian TD lines. Since that time I've treated world of tanks as my filler game, something to play when nothing else has my interest, and thus made baby steps up various lines. Consequently, this means I've g
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