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  1. M4A1 Revalorisé: 26 – 3 = 23 I also believe this one is being overrated, it’s gun is fun but no armor is awful. AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 33 Löwe: 31 T26E5 (Patriot): 32 Skorpion G: 23 STA-2: 28 + 1 = 29 Still believe this is the best Prem. M46 KR: 23 112: 25 Pz. 58 Mutz: 19 WZ-111: 16 T26E4: 8 KV-5: 7 Type 59: 11
  2. Type 59: 9WZ-111: 16112: 23T-34-3: 5AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 32Skorpion G: 28Löwe: 31Pz. 58 Mutz: 22STA-2: 26 + 1: 27 Best comfort premium tank in game M46 KR: 22 KV-5: 10. T-44-100: 4 – 3 = 1 Just can’t like it compared to the rest on the list. T26E5 (Patriot): 31T26E4: 13 M4A1 Revalorisé: 35
  3. Type 59 - 21 WZ-111 - 18 112 - 21 T-34-3 - 18 59-Patton - 11 FCM 50 t - 24 M4A1 Rev. - 23 AMX M4 49 (Liberte) - 21 leKpz M41 90mm - 21 Skorpion G - 23 Panther 88 - 20 Lowe -29 Pz. 58 Mutz - 20 STA-2 – 23 +1 = 24 STA-2 is a clone of my favorite tier 8, the STA-1. Shell velocity takes a little getting used to but still great pen/mobility/depression. FV4202 (P) - 8 T26E4 - 19 M46 KR - 21 T26E5 (Patriot) - 25 T-54 Mod. 1 – 5 – 3 = 2 Lackluster pen in tank that sees tier 10 is painful to play. IS-6 - 12 KV-5 - 20 T-44-100 - 21
  4. STA-1 one of my favorite tanks. You get used to the shell velocity. Picked up the STA-2 for more credit farming, plays the same way, and if you don't play them back-to-back you won't notice a difference.
  5. http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/22/jan-overview/?page=1 Says tankrewards details coming tomorrow sometime.
  6. Also useful for crew XP during x5 win of day events and what not. Personal preference but I'd keep it you never know in a year T34 could be the new OP ass tank.
  7. For my company it'd be about 182,000 a month or 2.2 million a year
  8. Wow I jumped a significant amount for having ~13k battles. 54-ish Finally my playing crappy tanks with friends for fun pays off.
  9. Fuuuck me. Coulda waited 12 hours and saved 70$. Hopefully the game ends up becoming a little more popular so the pve queue times aren't as long but as far as that goes, i'll take the WOT approach and only spend $$ to skip arty lines.
  10. It's amazing how a publicist can stop a child from ruining their career.
  11. Sorry, better things to do with my time. Enjoy.
  12. You got me! You beat my pre-1000 total games elc driving by an average of ~150 dmg per game. Congratulations!
  13. Is there a rumored time for s6? or is there still hope the book will come out before that season? I've read through book 3 and was told to not bother with 4 and 5. However i might want to read 5 just to see the differences.
  14. If i remember it right didn't she swing? before they cut out? I can't re-watch as i wont have internet at new apartment for a couple days. I mean no doubt she could just hit the trunk of the tree and not kill him or w/e but i thought she swung.
  15. 2560x1440 here and i need the minimap to be 1/4 the screen to tell if someone's in a trench or not. 4k would be brutal.
  16. Just excited that tonight i have a full lineup! Darn work and forgetting about fantasywgl when on the road!
  17. Can i get your autograph... Every time you hit 9 shots a game?
  18. What are you looking to do? Platoon/SH/Skirmishes/CW?
  19. hopefully it's unlimited entries!
  20. Working in IT is easy, but the people you support are so oblivious to the simplest things it's hard to keep sanity on days where logic is thrown out the window and accusations of "you don't know how to do your job" start rolling in to your boss.

    1. Medjed


      RL tomatoes, it's never their fault.

    2. TheMarine0341
    3. monkey10120


      I love working in IT. I spend all day getting yelled at because I broke their machine, forgot to reset their password the day off even though they have been getting notification for a month, forgot to turn the damn machine on before calling me saying it doesnt work....ah good times.

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