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  1. Does the x3 EXP work with accelerated training?

  2. Going to this page on wotlabs forums i get a malware update redirect after 10 seconds or so:

    1. deathmachine16


      post the link of the ad in this thread

  3. Made a sacrifice for Garbad, continued to get top gun and 0 recognition - not worth

    1. KenadianCSJ


      TKing generally isn't

    2. _Dia


      Why are people being stupid and TK'ing arty for him is beyond me.

    3. MrsmilieyfaceC8
  4. SPG-15 complete - 9k spotting, 6 spots, 300dmg 3 kills - 277 wn8 #BESTMETRICNA

    1. jimjim975


      Wait what, spg-15?

    2. Farwell


      LT15 sorry lol

    3. Sylvansight


      hehe - 9k spotting in SPG would be impressive :)

  5. Working in IT is easy, but the people you support are so oblivious to the simplest things it's hard to keep sanity on days where logic is thrown out the window and accusations of "you don't know how to do your job" start rolling in to your boss.

    1. Medjed


      RL tomatoes, it's never their fault.

    2. TheMarine0341
    3. monkey10120


      I love working in IT. I spend all day getting yelled at because I broke their machine, forgot to reset their password the day off even though they have been getting notification for a month, forgot to turn the damn machine on before calling me saying it doesnt work....ah good times.

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