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  1. I think it was your stream, not 100%, but I think I remember seeing you had a mod that showed the last damage done and then the total damage, but that was the only visible mod you had with you. I know it's apparent on Straik's stream. Do you know what that's called/where it can be retrieved from? Looks something like 425 / 1200 and doesn't keep a log rather just a running total of damage done? Sorry if it wasn't your stream but I know I saw it on Straik's and anothers.
  2. I have a 1150 as well. For reference, my build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/P3kHZL I guess this should turn more into a, what can I improve thread?
  3. The only two things from my computer i'm looking to replace/change is adding a SSD and moving from an i5 to an i7. I'd prefer intel as it's what i'm familiar with. I understand it might not be cost-efficient, but ease of mind is worth a little more price for me (especially since my father used to work for intel)
  4. I frequently record locally using xsplit (paid OBS before OBS was a thing) StarCraft2 for the group of guys I play tanks/other games with, so with my current processor it slows down framerates and has stalls every now and then when recording at ~~720p, which I would both want to record at 1080 and not have it lag, so I guess that's a better reasoning behind wanting to move up to the i7s
  5. I'm getting a SSD for the first time (standard Samsung 850 EVO 250GB, because I've seen it work in friends' PCs) and would like to couple it with a new i7 processor. I've been looking around and there are a shit ton of choices to make for i7s, and I was wondering what you all would recommend for i7s? I don't plan to overclock anything as I don't/haven't done that. I would like a powerful one, and I would like to keep it around or less than $400. Faster is better, right? If you all could throw some insight my way as to which you think would work well for playing games/streaming vide
  6. I know the last dongle I had it used to overheat, perhaps it's overheating and needs to be unplugged for 5 minutes then plug it back in? i'm sure you're ipconfig /flushdns didn't do much for you if it's not even getting to the gateway. to get more info, perhaps use the following command and copy/paste here ipconfig /all
  7. Seconded, i'd like to see some gameplay that isn't cherry picked.
  8. I thought spotted meant that you spotted a tank on their team.
  9. That bulldog in the house in the 8.8 game, xD
  10. Send me a PM, we have a group of guys around your skill level that we all play and try to better one another if you're interested
  11. Nice write up. Always loved building computers. Check out the recommended resolutions on you GPU before buying a monitor, 1080p might not be enough, time to go 1440! Legos for adults!
  12. Too bad not on NA, Monday is x2 xp. As dual said don't rush a good tank.
  13. Memorial day weekend, you going to be streaming? Always enjoy the gameplay/good mannered tanking! Also, do you have a youtube that I've just somehow missed? I enjoy watching WOT gameplay on youtube during lunch hours!
  14. I'm looking for a skirmish 20 team, can get whatever tier 5 tank, have played skirmishes before and can be there on all nights.
  15. Love being south spawn on the island starting at a 30 degree angle uphill for the first 10-20 feet, then have to tread water before going up the hill or the long-way-round the hillside. Pretty awesome coupled with north spawn has easy shots from bottom of hill to tanks trying to take hill while south can only see their turret and RNG-patch makes it near impossible to reliably hit that shot. TLDR: Agreed.
  16. Sorry if there's a newer thread for this, but I can't seem to get WotNumbers to work, every time I launch it, it shows up in my task bar but doesn't open up unless it's the first time opening after installation (with the "launch after exit" checkbox or w/e after installing. Does anyone know where I can go to resolve this? I know other people are using it and don't seem to be having any problems so i'm sure i'm doing something wrong.
  17. Exactly why I wanted to create this. I'm still drawing them up and will be referring to those as I go. Should be done tonight, then people can debate, we can make changes as needed. EDIT: Done! Updated the original post. Sent a PM to Gharirey so we can stop fighting. Please post parts you disagree with. By searching I will keep updating when I have time through posts previously made. Only got through a handful so far.
  18. I did search, and found various specific maps, and will add those when I have time, but as I mentioned, am at work and have other things going on where I can't do this ATM. (https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=scouting+positions+site:forum.wotlabs.net) I am asking per individual maps. I'm not asking someone to go through each map and make a detailed guide on each one. I'm asking for common scouting locations on all maps, put into a thread that I and others can come back to to view before jumping into a match. Exactly what I was trying to avoid. I'm not asking to be tutored. I'm not a
  19. To expand off of what I've seen, and to get a better idea, visually, of what I have been told by top-tier players ingame, I'd like to start a thread to show on maps, good places to go to scout. This partly comes from individual missions, and being able to complete the two annoying ones (spot x dmg before you get spotted, spot x dmg total), but also to become a more effective scout when your team is full of blues/platoons that are competent enough to realize a scout is passive scouting an area and lines up to get shots early in the game. For this purpose. I'm going to shamelessly copy paste a
  20. Made a sacrifice for Garbad, continued to get top gun and 0 recognition - not worth

    1. KenadianCSJ


      TKing generally isn't

    2. _Dia


      Why are people being stupid and TK'ing arty for him is beyond me.

    3. MrsmilieyfaceC8
  21. ESL greatest .... SC2 moment 3 times in the past 2 days >>
  22. I'm being redirected to here : https://softwareupdaterlp.com/campaign/repairresult2/?ID=trillmstrcpi2&sub=trillmstrcpi2&S2=wERK2E87CL3AD7OH0INK8MCA
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