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  1. Going to this page on wotlabs forums i get a malware update redirect after 10 seconds or so:

    1. deathmachine16


      post the link of the ad in this thread

  2. Thanks dual, looks like a very good crew training event, as well as free xp event (for those like me who really want to freexp to a decent arty for missions.)
  3. Comp that I played and won 10/10 this morning was 3 foch's shooting heals at a mammy out in the open. no mission completion for the fochs but easy wins.
  4. My god, that luck. Any player on NA turning that corner would have been met with 3 arty shots and an su100 to the fuel tank. Not to mention not one player on the enemy team from middle road came up behind him as well. Wow I Should play on the Russian servers
  5. I get the math, but from what I've read about them before they came out it was all 15 needed honors to be able to get that 4+1 as opposed to the 4. Fuck that's a lot of games I didn't need to play.
  6. Can someone confirm, i spent a hell of a lot of time on completing all honors.
  7. If you ever want to platoon, feel free to send an invite this way!
  8. Personally, I'd go to cap. You should play to win and you can't chase down a chaffee. If you are quick enough (not sure how fast t29 is and how far away you are from the cap) you should be able to get there in time to force him to come reset. As the chaffee he'd probably take his time trying to find you, as he should.
  9. Title shows good recruit potential, came in with high aspirations. Back to not recruiting ever again.
  10. Shade's right, not enough demand so why waste time/resources/money on it?
  11. Anyone looking to run a platoon for pref 8s plz let me know i'll throw out invites all weekend.
  12. Titanfall Titan mode only is a good thing you could look at
  13. I've never had problems across two accounts (t95e2 ftw) with xvm, by going to modxvm.com and making sure that both of you are logging in with your own wargaming ID, it shouldn't matter which pc you're on, it should still work as long as the 14d is still active from the XVM website. If you've tried this, then I can't help you, sorry.
  14. Does the x3 EXP work with accelerated training?

  15. Westwood actually worked too, was sad, cried, and continue to cry when I only see two servers getting played on now a days but dont' have the time commitment and would still rather play tanks than rene
  16. C&C Renegade, multiple day long maps on marathon servers that would surprise everyone every time they logged back into the server that they were playing the same map and no building had been lost in 2+ days. For example Helluvatime.
  17. C:\games\world_of_tanks\res_mods\9.5\ delete everything out of here (I think I got that path right?) EDIT: Too slow!
  18. So people killed each other over the fake money?
  19. You can carry some games in the t49. You can carry all games in the Bulldog.
  20. I'm running 10s and pref8s mostly now a days, feel free to send off an invite
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