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  1. Did they release for android tablets yet in US?
  2. have both, and can confirm that I play both equally as much, and like them equally as much. Go to the test server and try both of them out, see which you'd like better.
  3. idk, at2 is by far my most fun tank to play, when you're low tier and minimal arty, go stand in the open where they can see you but be far enough away they cant pen
  4. You need 10s. Possibly 9s if you have a godlike game for some of them.
  5. I personally loved the Chi-ri. Although i'll be using the STB for the japan requirement, I would definitely use the chi-ri, 3 shots in 3 seconds with a 12 second reload with great depression is hella fun. Just remember, japan tanks = 0 armor, so enjoy dead crew, ammorack and fires up the yoohoo. Avoid damage at all costs.
  6. Idk. I already have the 112. I think i'll just save my money for the actual bundles on gold/tanks, even though i'm overflowing on both of those right now as well. This tank looks like it'd be worth it to spend ~20$ to skip two nations, only do 5 of the nations and just move on. tier 8 prem for 20$? I'll take it. EDIT: Also, does anyone know when the NA holiday events will be posted, every other server has theirs posted already today, perhaps we'll get ours sometime today as well?
  7. Ask away, it's helped most of us here! EDIT: Also, Welcome
  8. Don't want to throw off of the awesome eve stuff going on but it's coming close time to christmas and I remember back on page 70 you mentioned some books that seemed like they would be good reads. Those seem great, and are on my list, but I was wondering about ones you've already read. I'm new to reading about ancient civilizations, their wars, politics, and general lifestyle. I'd like to read more. What are some of the better books yall have read regarding these matters?
  9. I came through the cent 1 with a 68% win rate expecting to continue on that streak with the 7/1. This has not been the case. I haven't been able to hit anything, shots just go wildly wherever they damn well please and it's infuriating as hell as the only reason now i'm keeping it is to try to get the fv4202 before the 8premchange sometime next year. You're not alone. It's a shit gun. EDIT 68% not 78%
  10. I'll 416 toon with you later tonight when i'm on, around 7pm central
  11. Much praise for the tank, and EmbryonicJourney (I guess he goes by ChristopherHitchkens now) for playing the tank and showing me a couple spots on each map you can go and be useful/stay alive.
  12. I can see the full list of missions on my phone at FTR, can OP copy paste into a quote for everyone? Someone showed the first light missions, but FTR has all 4 up. Someone mind sharing in quote so I can read it somewhere better than my phone? (I'm at work)
  13. I most likely won't be on tonight, but feel free to add me to your spam list for pref 8s. Usually am down to play them, just not might be on tonight.
  14. I'd like to play on the Monday-Wednesday group stage as well as the weekend playoff. I am available for both. No I have not played in these before, and is why I'm not requesting to make my own team. I'd like to play with others who have done this before if at all possible My stats are on the left, feel free to respond here or by pm, any works. I also can buy whatever tier5 you're looking for and retrain a crew. Thanks.
  15. I'm going waffle line, easy tanks to watch tv while bushhiddinglikeabitch. also ap = making money and easiest stocks ever.
  16. Don't think you can go wrong with any tank that has pref MM EDIT: Also which t10 do you think you'd like to play the most once you get there, try to match that tank crew trainer - (FCM for 50b, for example)
  17. What is the style of tanks you like to play? What lines have you run down? What do you think about those lines? Help me help you! With regards to the E5 line, I can't speak much to it as I only played through the T1heavy. I've heard it's pretty forgiving of a line, and has the best t7 tank in the game (T29). For the M3lee yeah I played it like a TD with the knowledge that you have some spare HP at that tier to jump out and trade shots favorably with other tanks.
  18. I thought it was a you get one token per branch completed, and you must do 4 out of 5
  19. Link doesn't work for my phone. Can someone quote the changes?
  20. Liveoaks game - First my take on the game, I was one of the two e100s who went town. I felt with our team so badly split with a heavy concentration towards the tracks that the two of us could have held city for long enough for them to push through tracks and be able to kill off enough to give advantage to our team while theirs killed us two e100s. With that being said, I play solely for win rate and often find myself in solopub (95% solopubber here) being the guy to take the brunt of the damage to be able to convince pubs to push through and actually go. With this game, obviously, it was d
  21. I'm working on getting one, is it a decent tank?
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