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  1. I'll answer to the replay I was in on liveoaks when I get home. I'd like to see where you were at the beginning that spotted me without you being seen. Would be nice to know that location. (currently at work, can't watch)
  2. What foods would you suggest then? I mainly eat carbs (spaghetti), so this might be a big thing as to why i'm not losing weight anymore lol.
  3. 1. Incredible hull down potential with that ledge west, as well as a lowe who they could also see as to give them the impression you had backup. You had many tanks that were fast and able to take the hill quickly against their composition and all points east were covered by other tanks. 2. Good positioning at the start. When you peeked out against the t28 the first time it was like you didnt expect him to be there, and could have taken a shot if he had been a fraction of a second earlier. The t95 worked out perfectly, only exposed mantlet, he hit it straight on while you got a shot on the
  4. 416 is great. You learn places of maps that need less depression and you can abuse your small profile. The gun is simply amazing at tier 8 and quick tank with great camo is always fun. << Coming from someone who has highest XP in battle with my 416 and never played the 44. You have to decide whether you want the ability to go into the 430 line as well. That was my determining factor, i wanted all 3 to be an option in the future, and have done so with the 416 route.
  5. You hit it right on the head. Worst map in the game, by far. No good place to go for any heavy tank. encounter is a joke as it's so easy for north to win with the cover from the hill out west. Worst map I've ever seen. There is no option for heavy tanks other than YOLO into 10 tanks sitting back waiting for kids to yolo or wait 10 minutes before they decide to yolo. It's a map that promotes the worst kind of gameplay, and rewards it. There is no solution to your problem. The only solution is to play another tank. I get into it with my e100 and I wait 3-4 minutes on east road browsing t
  6. Having started counting calories one month ago, and sticking to it... fuck me it's hard. My stomach is starting to adjust, i'm not as hungry as i used to be anymore but jesus christ that shit is rough for the first two weeks are so. You're hungry. All the fucking time. You have to be ready for that. Drink shit tons of water to compensate (easy to burn off with treadmill)
  7. I know many people might not like the squishiness of this line but the German Waffle line is fun as hell. I had two friends who only played when they were on together go through this line together and they said it was hilarious playing this line, just huge guns in campy spots while talking on teamspeak about sports or w/e. They really enjoyed it and now have multiple tier 10s. I played it through myself and I must admit I liked every tank in that line 6+. Obviously no armor but huge guns with great td camos allowed for really fun games to just snipe all game while watching Netflix on t
  8. Can I also ask which mods you're using, your setup is really nice i'd like to try it out
  9. In all honesty, my favorite tank was the AT2. It was my first tier 5 and I still play it to this day. It's the most fun to platoon with a heavy who can shoot over you (T1Heavy) is what we did. You take an alley with those two, at2 in front, t1heavy behind and just RRR and autoaim to victory. You laugh so much at penning without aiming and also bouncing shots left and right. EDIT: This is mostly for if you just want to have fun. You won't learn much other than hey, heavy tank brawling happens in x part of y map.
  10. I'm considering free xp'ing what I have left for the panther 2 so I don't have to play it. Small world
  11. Ah cool, don't really remember you, but to be honest I don't remember a lot of people, that shit was when i was 11-18 years old (23 now). I played as Zeglcosnp or Zeg. Renegade X is unimpressive to me. Rather play renegade. But i digress. I have a question for you if you don't mind. With running food and a ton of gold on some of these tanks that kinda require gold, how quickly are you running out of cash? And if you are running out of cash, how do you compensate for those spurts of playing gold only is7? I just seem to run into cash problems when I play the 183 or sometimes waffle
  12. Welcome to the forums man. Feel free to ask questions and read some guides. They have helped me tremendously.
  13. I played CoH:ToV for about 3 thousand games or so on online play. Great game, lots of fun in a relaxed environment (coming from SC1 and SC2) where I can lean back and just relax while playing with minimal micromanagement compared to other RTS games. With that being said, I could not fucking play CoH2. Fuck that. It didn't do anything for me. It was like a game that just changed the strongest points of ToV and made them weaker, allowing for stale gameplay that really all you could do in 50-50 matchups was hope RNG JESUS was in your favor and your dudes hit their fucking shots. tldr; l
  14. I played C&C Renegade for 7 years. Great shit. Played the beta of APB as well. Can confirm I can't even come close to this level of accuracy within WoT. Probably because I haven't really tried coupled with a pc that isn't living up to how much $$$$$$$$ I threw up for it, but also I just suck. I am going to be watching more of your replays and dropping my WN8 trying to learn how to third person shoot while grinding tanks I don't like. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations! Also, just a question, did you play Renegade, if so, what was your handle?
  15. On for the next couple hours if anyone is interested 8-10 with pref 8s
  16. Will add both of you as soon as I'm done eating. Thanks for the replys
  17. Looking to play a bunch this weekend (exception of Saturday night), and looking for decent platoon mates. My clan is fun to play with late late at night, but not the best platoonmates when grinding tanks I don't like. Let me know if anyone's interested. EDIT: I should note I'm looking to play 8-10, not much below that. I'll leave the grinding for Monday/Tuesday night.
  18. Chiri hella fun but absolutely no armor so crew and modules die 24/7. That gun though.
  19. Hello, My name is Farwell, more commonly called Far. I have been a long time reader of the forums, signed up not too long ago and figured what better place to start than the intros. I am a part of the Gamers United Front clan, which is made up of a couple friends from Starcraft II that made our way over to WoT and have picked up a few friends to play along with since then. My clan-mates are… not great. Two are actively trying to get better at the game outside of myself, and the others are bad and play for fun (Think German/Russian fanboys). I came here to read up on some guides and tips ab
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