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  1. They have to want to get better, and get educated. You can throw links at them all day but if they don't want to read it they won't. Still, it's easy to remember and a nice gesture. I'll hand it around when i get the opportunity.
  2. I for one would like to see you rock the T-34-85. I love the tank, and would welcome the opportunity to learn to play it better.
  3. How's about a little name and FAME disguised as Name and Shame. I'm not saying that most of their team shouldn't be shamed into oblivion, but here's a solid Nice Try! to the ISU-152, who pumps out 7k damage to desperately try and scrape a win out of this match when nearly all his higher tier tanks failed him. Seriously, rarely if ever will I do that much damage in a tier X match being only tier VIII cause I'm not that good.
  4. Yes this was on the grille ages ago back when I played it and was super bad vs just bad. Problem with all the APCR and HEAT gold rounds is that they need to hit. Back when arty had a laser-precise shot I never had much luck with it (but again, super bad) so not sure how well they perform now. Really, I think the gold rounds that increase splash radius would be more of an issue..?
  5. This actually happened to me, sort of.. when the T7 car got introduced, my stat tracking tool botched up my draws and defeats, upped my WN8, did all sorts of weird stuff before it new what the T7 CC was. Maybe it's something like that. does he have a weird tank that Wotlabs is unaware of.. i can't imagine there is one.
  6. Bad games got me down? Queue my crommie and have some fun. It really is a good tank and alot of fun to drive, just make sure to know your limits and the limits of the tank. Here's a quick vid I made of my crommie attacking a tiger from the air. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzolKpv34Q4
  7. Yeah I did inform him of XVM, he didn't stop his story that he was looking and his were better, and the all chat happened at when he was pretty much the only tank left alive still sitting directly in the center of the cap circle, to their 10. Was it still not the wisest decision, yeah, but it wouldn't have mattered one iota.
  8. Yay, a match starts in campinovka, lets see what's going on... Great... so, this is going well, lets ping the map and send a friendly reminder that the hill is an important thing... Lets clear up some misconceptions real quick.... Not sure what stats this scrublord was looking at, but since his official strategy is "If a KV-1S doesn't squat in cap and make marshmallows all match, who will stop them from capping" I'd imagine he was hoping I didn't have XVM... but I did. Oh, and how did his scrub-strat work out for him? A far cry from my best game, s
  9. Sherlock_holmes Trash player in a JagPanther II. Decides that while the heavies are handling business and peek-a-booming in the mountain pass of Arctic, he wants to get around us, so he tries to climb the mountain around me blocking my retreat consistently. When I ask him to stop, he blames me, then purposely parks directly behind me and tries to push me out into fire. Amazing display of scrub-behavior.
  10. IMO, take it for what it's worth, I would disgagree that the 105 is the worst gun. I'm giving the award to the 90mm. 17pdr is a good "stug gun" for the bathtub, turning it into a fair DPM machine, and the 105 is your alpha strike. You drop tier 4 and below tanks in one shot and can make practically all other tanks you see 2nd guess their decision to continue doing whatever got them shot by you. 90mm just falls as a meh in between of both, the reload isn't fast enough to compensate for the loss of alpha and pen, imo.
  11. I'm not saying the gun isn't ridiculous for tier V, nearly 200 pen and extra alpha with apcr, flat 300 alpha and fantastic pen for normal ammo is no laughing matter when you are tier 6 or lower and on the receiving end. Yeah the platform is a bit derpy and the camo isn't the best, but the gun more than makes up for it. What I am saying is shhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. If arty is not removed, it needs to be sent back to the drawing board and turned into something that works with the rest of the game and is fun to play. Seriously, I've said it on the main forums and I'll say it again here. Arty is a frusterating nightmare to play. You had an inherantly broken type of vehicle which performed far too well, and WG's answer to balance was "keep all the broken parts that caused the problems in the first place (Insanely high alpha, click-anywhere-technology, super accurate birds eye view, safety from any retaliation) , and just make the whole mess rely more on
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