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  1. got 50 100, my avg xp is 2115 with 4k damage after my first game. i dont think i want to touch it again

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Touch it again. It's such a good tank and calming as fuck.

    2. Joyrider216


      Triple Marked mine, was so fun yo

  2. second ever kolobanovs :D


    1. Joyrider216
    2. Luna


      base captured ;;

      das not a kolabanovs, more like a coward-banovs.

    3. Death_Rattle_Shakes


      meh, rather win with 4k damage than lose with 6k

  3. why the fuck do pubbies feel the need to sit in the back and not contribute to the battle? how is that even fun? i dont get it pls explain

    1. Visn0r


      they are looking for WSAD keys on the keyboard. When they finally find them they are trying to fit fingers on them but normally it conflicts with the fact that the right hand that they use to push S & D is supposed to move and click mouse at the same time. This conflict typically stays unresolved till enemy tanks approach and they dedicate the hand to the mouse. Yet LMB/RMB is still not an easy to master anyway.

    2. Constar


      it's only fun if you lose on furpose


    3. Enroh


      Pubbies don't care.

  4. solid team, also the t92 only shot me, 5 times


  5. M3nMNfZ.jpg

    decided i wanted my second tomahawk on my gun, 5 battles later

  6. http://imgur.com/pdQf1Nj,Y61Z9qR,CESIa7y,gvTFeex 

    confirmed by VANDL, MAHOU is dead sockpuppet clan

    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      still a shit Hawaiian Anime clan 

  7. i have fatton, t57, 215b, e50m, leo, e100, 140, 62a, 907, is7, stb. and can show every day
  8. in the same boat assad, all i am interested in with this game anymore is the competitive team things like cw and SH. pub matches are just too frustrating to play a lot of.
  9. looking for a team for the t10 skirmish, i will show up as long as we can field a full team, which is only 3 people so shouldnt be difficult. i can't really call, but i can call targets for focus fire and shit. i have 11 tier 10's which are: fatton, t57, 215b, e50m, leo, e100, 140, 62a, 907, is7, stb. looking for a team that will be very competitive and compete for the top spots in this tourny. message me here or in game or something
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