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  1. It's been over a year since I've posted anywhere tanks-related Is there a medal for that?
  2. Join RPS and make up for my burnout/low motivation, kappa Srsly though join RPS, they've always got skirmishes running Never again
  3. Actually kind of glad that support still hasn't responded to my ticket regarding my forum perma Cancer-free and lovin' it
  4. It's a rolling bunker of swag. Top tier it's invincible. Poke a corner using all the gun traverse, and farm damage. Doing that hides the mini-turrets, so nobody can pen you.
  5. I'd have to download the latest patch, but I'm considering it. It's a purrty game
  6. Since my forum account is kill (RIP), I won't be continuing with my 4K tank wallpapers. At Fire70's request, I'm doing Elite Dangerous wallpapers from my journey across the Milky Way instead. I'll add to the album as I get moar For you, bby: https://imgur.com/a/Eosdm
  7. I remember someone telling you a couple of weeks ago to free exp past the M12 if you valued your sanity What was that guy's name again?
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