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  1. My stats are rather mediocre. They're not terrible, but I could stand to learn a few things. I tend towards being overly aggressive, occasionally have difficulty choosing which initial positioning I should use, and have issues conserving my health (hence overly aggressive). My clan is mostly a collection of yellows and barely greens, and as I'm one of the better players I'm gradually getting more and more irritated with platooning with them as more often than not I find myself having to make up for their poor play in addition to my own. The clan who I've played with for almost a year now
  2. LEMON AND LIME: ON AVERAGE CLAN COMBAT COHESION Most of our clan is solid yellow to light green. But the only time we're reliably winning is when we're facing clans that are 2/3 yellow and ⅓ red. We win those not because of teamwork but because 1v1 we are barely better players, not a collection of retards. We can improve and are somewhat-as individuals. Tier 1 clans win for one main reason: they master the basics and consistently provide smooth performances. Thats why you see rotational dominance on the CW field amongst the top units. They master basics execute like swiss clockwork. We wor
  3. Does anybody have any suggestions as to where a greenie like myself could learn from some blues and maybe even one of the revered and terrifying purples? I'm trying to improve my damage and winrate but other than curbing my aggressive play and a tendency to poorly read matchmaking lineups I'm running out of ideas.
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