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  1. I started using it. Where can I see the results so far?
  2. They should make missions and MoExcellence available for ALL tiers!! said no one ever.
  3. LOL, that's way easier than effectively seal clubbing at low tier pubs (a disgraceful practice, but not as easy as many assume); even my no-name clan has a 58% in strongholds.
  4. I know about CARYU but are there any other clans that emphasize low-tier play and seal-clubbing and are actually good at it? for the record, I'm not interested in joining one of these clans, nor am I nearly good enough (at seal clubbing, or at anything else). Just wondering.
  5. Thanks for the tips. I actually have run the T-34-85 in the past with some modest success and will keep my eye on Soviet mediums as a long term goal. In the meantime, I found another mid-tier medium tank where I am doing pretty well for whatever reason: the VK 30.01-P. I feel that it's a lot slower in practice than it is on paper and it's armor is sub-mediocre, so these two things force me to be careful. But that 8.8 gun is a beauty to behold--I like to play the tank stealthily, in a mid-range support role--put a couple 8.8 shells in the sides of the frontline heavies and then run away--and I'm having a lot of success so far.
  6. I think you nailed it. The Cromwell's immense speeds sometimes inspires us to be reckless and do things we wouldn't even think of trying with a tank of more normal speed and acceleration. So I think I'm learning that the Type T-34 inspires me to have a good mix between aggression and caution, and I need to try to import those instincts to other tanks.
  7. Sure you can add me, but these days I only play on my alt account, known as Olmec_Head. Feel free to look me up when I'm online.
  8. Hard to say... I think I just find the competition more intimidating at tier 6 than tier 5. That said, I've had some awesome games in Cromwell and seriously pissed off some tier 8 players (when I had the audacity to use gold on a Tier 8 heavy, he died, and yelled at me for like 5 minutes) But I just don't feel as nimble in my Cromwell as I do in the Type T-34. Crom is fast as hell, but I feel like it's significantly larger and I get hit more. Maybe I'll give the Easy 8 another shot. Haven't played it since I was a rank noob.
  9. Interesting questions, PowerOfLove. yeah, I guess I don't do dumb things like poke out against big guns, because I don't *need* to. I can always go around and get them in the rear and then run away, or wait until they're distracted and harass them, or I can quickly relocate to another part of the map. I just love how maneuverable (how fast it turns, etc) it is - it makes me feel less clumsy than usual. It almost sounds, by this logic, that I should be driving light tanks or Cromwell/Comet type stuff, but I always die in those. Could it be the placebo effect? I'm good because I think I'm good in that tank? What russian mediums would you recommend for speed and reload time?
  10. Hi I'm a bad player, but I'm worse at some things than others. I am a particular disaster when it comes to high tier mediums. Whether they are stealthy flankers, or versatile brawler/second-line support tanks, I fail and fail hard when I try to drive them. On the other hand, I'm actually pretty good in my Type T-34. On my main account, I'm almost up to two marks of excellence (probably nothing special for the likes of wotlabbers, but this is a rare feat for me). On my alt account, I have a WN8of 2089 for my Type T-34 after 53 battles. This is by far better than my WN8 at any other vehicle, including seal clubbing adventures in tier 2 and 3 vehicles. I'm trying to understand this. The most obvious explanation is that low/mid tier battles are easier than high tiers, but that's only a small part of the equation. It's not as if I'm a good player in ALL tier 5 tanks or even all tier 5 mediums, and as I said, there are many low tier and medium tier tanks where I have mediocre stats. There's something about the playstyle of the Type T-34 that works for me. I love the mobility, I love the DPM, I love the flexibility, it can snipe in a pinch, it has nice enough camo, it can flank and circle like no one's business, it can ram. I've taken out so many opponents at all tiers while they were just waiting to load. However, if I were to try these tactics in, say, a Panther or a STA-1, I would die, die, die. My question is, since I've proven I'm pretty reliably good in a T-34, are there any other (they don't have to be mediums, and they certainly don't have to be Chinese) higher tier tanks that would be a good fit for me? What lines should I focus on eventually at tier 9 and tier 10, and how can I leverage some of my Type T-34 tactics at higher tiers.
  11. I usually buy a good amount of gold every month; I use the majority of it for converting my elite XP to free XP. However, for the next few weeks I will be low on funds and don't plan on purchasing much gold, if any. Additionally, there aren't really any high tier tanks I'm saving up XP for (instead I'm focusing on grinding and getting better at the tanks I have), and if I'm not mistaken all of my modules for my tanks are fully upgraded. Given these facts, is it a good idea to check "accelerate crew training" on all my elite vehicles? I have about 30 elite vehicles total. I figure that during the next month with the holiday double crew xp in effect, this will allow me to upgrade all my crews at even higher speed. Is this a smart thing to do, or should I just keep hoarding elite XP so that I can convert it someday when I have the money to get more gold?
  12. Can you guyz critique my T95 setup? I know some of my choices are extremely kooky, but I'll try to justify them. Crew (they are currently working on their 2nd perk, or they just received their 2nd perk) COMMANDER/RADIO MAN: Sixth sense + camo (77%) GUNNER: camo (100%) + armorer (99%) DRIVER: camo (100%) + clutch braking (100%) + off road driving (6%) LOADER: safe stowage + camo (100%) + repairs (38%) equipment: vents, superheavy spall liner, toolbox consumables: large repair, small repair, coke I really like the combination of clutch breaking + vents + coke.... it allows me to turn my fortress-like vehicle a lot faster than anyone expects me to. I realize toolbox is kind of a stupid equipment slot to use, but hear me out... T95s get tracked soooo much. So I figured instead of wasting one of ALL of my crew member skill slots getting repair skill, why not just get a toolbox + large repair kit... combined, those 2 things will really help me fix my tracks more quickly. i think the coke and fans also help out in this regard. I know a lot of people usually get gun rammer and GLD in high-alpha TDs like this one, but I don't run into a lot of situations where a couple seconds reload time makes a huge difference. I am usually sitting perfectly still anyway, so my aim circle speed doesn't really give me any problems. As for why I chose armorer... it's kind of a lame skill, but the T95 gun *does* get knocked out a lot and none of the other alternative skills looked that helpful Once I hit 100%, which is soon, I'll probably drop it and get a perk instead (designated target, I suppose) That's why I chose the things I chose, but I know my judgement is horrible in this game, so I'd love to hear your suggestions. thanks.
  13. Thanks for putting this together, Garbad. For a while, I've been referring to this webpage when deciding what perks to get next: http://wotlabs.net/articles/crew-skills-perks-unicum/ How does this person's opinion compare with Garbad's? Compare/contrast?
  14. what is your favorite color, btw?
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