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  1. That time when I was a head mod before this forum was even public. That was fun. Yo NW gimme more power to abuse pls.
  2. Do you still exist?

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    2. Grumpy_Turtle


      Oh hey Melted, hope I'm not too late.

    3. Tedster59
    4. Tuco22


      No tears Melted, just dreams.

  3. I won when I uninstalled 2 years ago. Then lost and won again earlier this year.
  4. Kittehs and friends are good. Taco's are good. Taco tags are better. World of Tanks is bad. I'm torn.
  5. I tried to leave once, yet here I am... But really, kudos if you actually stay gone. Good luck in college!
  6. y u no profile pic

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    2. Grumpy_Turtle


      Don't kid yourself. You gave that up when you installed Tanks.

    3. Tuco22


      didn't have to remind me jerk

    4. Grumpy_Turtle


      It crushes me every day. I'm still recovering almost 2 years after uninstalling.

  7. AFK for a few days and this shit happens. NEVER WHAT DID YOU DO

  8. First Tavern Brawl game, I got Rag with nothing below 5 mana in my hand (and for 2 turns).
  9. How did they know she had dandruff? They found her head and shoulders in the dashboard.
  10. Why did Princess Diana cross the road? Inertia
  11. I'm currently trying to get the hang of figuring out card synergy. Obviously I can understand that a deck with a shitload of low drops is an aggro/rush deck (fuck face hunter), but all that shit in the middle is what I need to work on. I struggle to figure out what I need too complete the decks after I've taken the standard stuff.
  12. Poor choice. Pubbie tears give you maximum refreshment.
  13. Well I've been trying HA out a bit and it's working quite well. It's definitely good at getting you a good early/mid curve, but I find it helps the most with telling me which cards are/aren't good. There's a lot of stuff that looks good (or bad) on paper but is the opposite in game, and I think that's what kept screwing me over.
  14. Palm doesn't touch my mouse, almost all of the contact is through my fingers. For side to side movement I pivot my wrist. For up and down, I just curl/stretch my fingers. 5000dpi, hardly have to move the mouse to go anywhere on my screen.
  15. How accurate are sites like Hearth Arena? Worth using? I've been doing ok on the latter (hit rank 11 last season, pretty sure I can go higher this season) but god damn I'm bad at drafting an arena deck. I can build an ok deck for constructed, and I have some higher rank friends that can help me with that, but I manage to fuck up arena decks every time.
  16. I kept playing for much longer than I actually enjoyed the game because of clan wars. I hardly played pubs, I'd just show up in case I was needed and then log off. I eventually lost interest in that too and stopped playing all together.
  17. I notice a lot of new skaters trying to walk. Don't walk. Turn your foot sideways and then push it back, repeat with the other foot. If your feet are mostly parallel and pointing forwards, you aren't going to get anywhere.
  18. I run it in my Patron deck and I find it quite useful. Patron + Inner Rage is 5 mana for a 5/2 and 3/3.
  19. You help us remember the glory that was the Red Sky Embassy.
  20. Damn I'm bad at this game. I think I'll just stick with the demo for now.
  21. I crafted Dr. Boom. Life is good.
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