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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to Never in Users now retain their primary group on reverifying   
    So thanks to tomhwk's incessant buggering of the mod team every single month I've implemented a system that will allow users to retain their primary group if they need to reverify.
    As you unverify, your user ID and current group ID gets stored in our new database table called "tomhwk_tracker". When you verify again, it will look into tomhwk_tracker to see if your ID is there, and then assign the group in there to your account.
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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to AnArmyofBun in So I came back, and this is still the same.   
    How I feel when arty fires at me.  Doesn't even look at me either.  Same difference.

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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to TankSplosions in Feeling a little blue. Thank you WOTLABS!   
    I literally never thought it would happen, but in spite of my efforts to remain completely useless and retarded, I've managed (at least temporarily) to rise up to merely mostly useless and retarded.
    Thank you for all that you do you magnificent bastards.
    This touch of blue is dedicated to you all. 

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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to Gashtag in The Unica of days past: the nostalgia thread   
    Now there is BJ The official thread of pressing F to pay respects to our heroes that couldn't quite make it. F.
    As of 3rd of March 2015.
    North America:


    Post additions below.
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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to Velvet_Ewok in Name and Shame Thread, (ArrogantWorms sucks at technical stuffz)   
    Unlike the late beloved children's host of the same name...our unfortunately named M1ster_R0gers and his 45% W/R Foch 155 declares that he is going 8/9 line and "gonna empty my clip into the first red tank I see." Being a bit salty from a string of bad losses, I ask if he intended to die while unloading his clip or immediately thereafter. Chat argument ensues.
     M1ster_R0gers, to his credit, manages to prove me wrong; despite charging into 6 enemy tanks and dying 5 mins into the game he manages to get out a whole 1.5 clips. Well done M1ster_R0gers, 3k damage in a tier X TD...well done, great job old chap .
    As those of us who remain alive win the game and hunt for the last arty, the long since dearly departed M1ster_Rogers leaves us with one last parting gift: "You're welcome for the win."
    Our illustrious M1ster_R0gers ladies and gentlekittys!

    And of course, obligatory after battle PM sperg for your viewing pleasure.

    M1ster_R0gers, I know you're reading this so let me ask you a question. If I paid WG to reroll my stats...do you SERIOUSLY think I'd still be a fucking 57%'er?
    Oh noes guise!! I've been reported and will have to confess my bullying ways to every future employer...oh whatever shall I do?

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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to Deusmortis in Name and Shame Part II Probably Sponsored by Universal Studios and Chrysler   
    As the previous thread has been won, and cannot be topped, all further naming and shaming shall be done here.  This hollow church shall doubtless never emerge from the shadow of last thread's cathedral, but importance lies in the effort.
    For those too young to know why this exists:
    People make mistakes.
    Sometimes, people don't realize they make mistakes.
    In order to improve, one must be made aware of their mistakes.
    Wargaming does not let us point out mistakes.  
    We are not Wargaming.
    Post here to highlight astounding stupidity.
    See your name here?  Don't like it?  Don't build a salt mine.  Turn that anger into action.  Let it be the catalyst that drives your own improvement.
    By popular request, here is where the original thread's death by supernova began:  
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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to Never in A thanks to all donors   
    So we just hit $500 on Patreon! Thank you so much to all the Patrons, this wouldn't have been possible without you <3
    As promised, I'll start working on the code rewrite. I'm gonna take this opportunity to fully integrate it with the Replays feature and release it all as a single, completely optimized and working service!
    By the way: There's a special thread on the Patron forum with sneak peeks of future stuff, so if you want to follow the development along, become a Patron and join us
    Also want to take this opportunity to thank our donors on Paypal:
    Richard K.
    Jon B.
    James B.
    Benjamin H.
    David S.
    Siegfried M.
    Patrick D.
    Kenneth T.
    Bruce M.
    Spencer V.
    John B.
    Thomas L.
    Michael P.
    Donald W.
    Barry H.
    Kenneth F.
    Henry C.
    David P.
    Thomas F.
    Leslie E.
    Bob R.
    Timo H.
    Joy B.
    Fraser H.
    Jason R.
    Hugh T.
    Philip D.
    Jori Y.
    Robert M.
    Stephen P.
    Rob C.
    Nathan A.
    David G.
    Andre G.
    Bruce R.
    Gilbert S.
    Jeff C.
    Eugene A.
    Jack S.
    Harley H.
    Dana J.
    David W.
    Laura M.
    Carl S.
    Tim M.
    William W.
    Mike W.
    Don S.
    Douglas F.
    Larry R.
    Scott H.
    Paul J.
    Alan K.
    Rainer J.
    Marvin J.
    Agam M. Neon
    And everyone before them that Paypal won't show me! You guys are seriously amazing!
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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to CraBeatOff in Questions for Kewei and other damage padders   
    I typed that fucking shit on a phone!
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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to CraBeatOff in Questions for Kewei and other damage padders   
    I have recently, over the last say 3-4 months, been trying to consciously develop the play style you're describing. First the reasons:
    1 more credits and xp per game
    2 more active time playing, less time waiting for my platoonmate(s) to mop up
    3 because so far I've been able to adopt most every play style I've observed in WoT and not being able to do something well pisses me off
    4 pretty numbers
    For reference, this thread is about the same thing

    And Kewei's guide on the sub-skill of being hard to shoot was also super helpful

    Now, on to addressing your questions, hopefully without repeating too much:
    1. You are likely being too tactical in these games, aka taking up an important position that ISN'T the place where the pubbies are most likely to be. I had a game yesterday in the T29, T29 top tier no arty Serene Coast. The proper tactical play in a slow HT in a platoon with only a LT is to push the bowl area...but instead I drove onto the hill and killed them as hard as I could. I also considered going along the 8-9 but the T29 is better at denial than pushing, and on the 8-9 they can string out and hide, not as good for farming hp. So I went hilltop and farm farm farmed. The 8-9 folded of course, and so I called for our team to return to base, and some complied. Lots of high hp tanks left from the 8-9 push because the top tier HT was on the other side (but completely undamaged). I rolled into our base and smacked down the remainders as my pubbies ate shots. A perfectly managed team collapse as you put it. It would have been faster and safer to drive my pubbie horde into their completely unguarded base and fast-cap with jacg. But 3k dmg in a T29 is solid, and dat high caliber medal. 
    That said, when I've watched large batches of Kewei, Poltto, Evroz, Nas, etc I can confirm Kewei is right, its not that his (their) lows are less low, its just that the highs are higher and more frequent. So in a low hp match, with 4 arty and 3 LTs, just do what you can and get onto the next game. Those 3-4 kills you notch with 1200 dmg done? Fine, they interact nicely with the 4k, 5k, 6k 1 kill games you'll notch later that session.
    2. +1 Super is my norm anymore, plus it makes forming the platoon really quick! Solo is fine I guess? I dunno I only really solo LTs, BatChat or Fury. I take a WR hit on the LTs, but often I don't have time for more than 2-3 games, so forming the platoon isn't worth it. If I do have a platoon of 3 supers, just do 10s, there is almost always enough damage to go around in tier 10, and its nice to win 70%+. If 3 supers, I sometimes just 2x all my HTs and let the other guys drive mediums. 
    3. Patience Patience Patience - I spend a lot of time trying to get into the mind of the other players during those "sit and wait" situations. I've learned to reign in the desire to trade to break through (because too often it ends up in a pubbie failure to close) unless I'm in the properly armored tank. When discussing this once, Jacg said to me "well just farm the bad players" and I said "I don't have xvm, so how do i know who the bad ones are?" to which he replied "they're the ones exposing poorly". He makes a very valid point, even bad players can shoot back if you drive into them poorly, and even good players can be quickly dominated if they're out of position. In Kewei's guide to inconvenience he talks about the crucial 2nd stage
    So if everyone is sitting, wait and see if an enemy makes a move becoming impatient first. It might happen, it might not. When it doesn't test the waters with a side-scrape or hull down peek on the tank in the weakest position (which might not be the most important tank you're facing) provided its not a high alpha TD. Sometimes they can't aim, sometimes they are shooting HE, and often they are clueless about armor, its worth a risk once. At the very least, you made an even trade, but fairly often you made a shot for no cost. If so, repeat. If you made an even trade was it absurd luck? If so try again, otherwise, time to wait some more, or flex. Your decision there is partially about numbers too, if the other flank is winning, you prob won't get there in time to help. If the flank is losing there is a good chance theres enemies crossing open areas to punish. If its even, but you have numbers your side, your pubbies will eventually count the enemies and drive into them, you want to make sure you're in place when it happens. Kewei and X3N4 really got me into the mindset of thinking about whats going to happen next with the pubbies, not from a winning/losing perspective, but from a "what can I shoot" perspective. 
    4. The answers to this aren't much different than the previous point. As for how to rein it in? I made myself sit and watch every match to the end, no tank switching. This highly disincentivized killing myself for a win or loss early. Staying active, even if it means missing passing on a risky but potentially game winning move is how I'm working it out of my system. The instinct to encircle and cause the turret break is almost always a winner if you're flanking off your 2x superuni platoonmates, but pubbies simply can't make it happen even if you serve it up on a silver platter. But then thats why I like to solo the Bat, because its a tank where that move is more often viable because of the autoloader and speed. In something like a RU med, its just too easy to get pushed into and killed while your pubbies sit and sit and sit.
    5. I can't really replicate anything close to what Poltto does, or really any EU superuni. I can't get into their minds, and I've garnered a lot more useful habits from Kewei and other NA. No doubt they are amazing though. As for "managing the collapse" I don't think its really engineered with that intent, even though it plays out like that. The T29 game I described in point #1 resulted in that type of match, but it was the end product of my non-tactically superior early game damage farm choice, rather than something engineered for that purpose. The goal is to pay down your pubbie's hp first, and then your own last to secure the win and mop up - to do so you need to use all your pubbies you can.
    Man this reply was long, and I feel like I didn't even address everything I intended to address. But in the meantime, better players have given better replies. Alas.  
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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to Captain_F22ACE in Is there some magical way to insert a post into the middle of a topic....   
    Yep, that's just a very fancy way of saying he's on a leash.
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    Grumpy_Turtle got a reaction from Sabocat in Name and Shame Thread, (ArrogantWorms sucks at technical stuffz)   
    You just HAD to go and find the 1 game all night where I managed to screw up in the first 2 mins didn't you?
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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to PityFool in Wotlabs is a cult.   
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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to bjshnog in Wotlabs is a cult.   
    All hail God-Emperor PityFool
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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to RutgerS in Wotlabs is a cult.   

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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to Haswell in Need help with turrets   
    Hold the right mouse button and move.
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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to Okeano in Ohai, I'm back...   
    to beg you for money. No, srs, you think I'm kidding. 
    But before we get on that, where did we leave off... oh yeah here:  I'm also that dude with the Pony eating batman gif, and that dude that wrote a map guide out of rage and it turned out to be useful. 
    It would be rude to not update you guys on what I've been up to for the past year (wow BULBA is still alive and well). Work aside, my free time has been spent on fitness and training mixed martial arts - Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do and some Kali. #UnicornIRL. Actually I get to experience what it's like to be a pubbie and get my ass handed to me on a daily bases. 
    What people think martial arts training is:

    What it really is:

    It's all worth it though, since I'm tougher, more energetic than ever, and also more driven than ever to achieve my goals in all areas of my life. 
    sr360 and I talk from time to time via email, and got me missing the game. As it stands, I still won't have free time on week days to play. I'm considering updating and playing here and there on weekends, but who knows. Not having to rage at pubbies have been pretty relaxing. On the other hand I do miss the feeling of dropping half of the other team to give pubbies on my side the undeserved win. I'll check out the latest on Wotlab and make up my mind I guess. 
    Now on to the begging... My gf's cat, Mollie, has been very sick, and been under intensive care. The vet bill is unbelievable. She would take care of the bill herself, but last year, she got cancer right after she started on a new job, so that screwed her over on the insurance. After the treatments for her cancer, she then got a blood infection due to her immune system being destroyed by chemo, and was hospitalized for a month. She lost her health, career, house, and then she was about to lose the only family she' got left, Mollie who's been with her for the past 6 years. Her own medical bill is staggering, but she's ignoring that, and ignoring even eating, trying to raise money however she can to help save Mollie. Saving Mollie is basically saving her life, because I honestly don't think she can take losing Mollie after she already lost so much, and that scares the hell out of me. I've done what I can to help, but this would require the help of a lot more people. She started a gofundmepage trying to raise money for her treatments. I remember there are quite a lot of animal lovers on Wotlab. You don't have to donate (but if you're willing to shoot some gold rounds at this, I would deeply appreciate it), just sharing the page will help the cause. Please take a few minutes to read and share the story. If you can relate to her or if the story moves you, any amount would help. I hate asking for favors, but I have no choice. If your interaction with me was (unlikely) pleasant, if the replays I shared or the guide I wrote was somewhat helpful, please give me a few minutes of your time and do me a personal favor to at least read and share the story link on your social media.  
    The link to the page is again, below:


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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to OneTrueLeader in Kiddy Pool coming in next patch?   
    Don't care, don't play low tiers.
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    Grumpy_Turtle got a reaction from Krontimus in ID this tank?   
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    Grumpy_Turtle got a reaction from FavreFan4ever in ID this tank?   
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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to Never in How to support the WoTLabs Forum   
    As you all know, it takes a lot of time and money to keep this place running like clockwork. A lot of people have asked me how they can support our forum directly, so I thought I'd make a thread showing how you can help and some of the perks available.
    The first way is via my Patreon account. This money goes toward keeping the servers up, keeping myself up working full time on WoTLabs and the
    Both ways will get you Patron status here in the forum, which will give you access to a larger inbox, customizable member title, more signature space and no forum ads! Depending on how you Patron up, there will be different perks.
    Patron: At least $1 to me.
    Patron usergroup Larger inbox (200 messages versus 50) Ability to change your member title Ability to put more images in your signature (2 versus 1) Access to the exclusive Patron subforum. More upvotes (15 versus 10) More downvotes (2 versus 1) No ads on the forum Patron²: At least $1 to me.
    All perks from Patron, plus: Patron² usergroup Even more inbox space (300 messages) Access to the Garbage Can with a Lid More upvotes (45) More downvotes (8) Patron³: At least $3 to me.
    All perks from Patron and Patron², plus: Custom usergroup (with whatever color you want) Your very own password protected (or not) channel on the WoTLabs TS Infinite upvotes 50 downvotes Ability to change your username One more signature line, image and URL. For everyone who is supporting us, a huge thank you, we couldn't do this without your support
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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to Garbad in How to support the WoTLabs Forum   
    You should lower the expected wn8 values by 10% for anyone who donates.  It would be a huge cash out.
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    Grumpy_Turtle got a reaction from Meirzin in The Unica of days past: the nostalgia thread   
    You mean Precum? Probably rage quit.
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    Grumpy_Turtle reacted to Deusmortis in The Unica of days past: the nostalgia thread   
    Mostly by not playing, and barely moderating.
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    Grumpy_Turtle got a reaction from kolni in The Unica of days past: the nostalgia thread   
    It's been a while...
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    Grumpy_Turtle got a reaction from Meirzin in The Unica of days past: the nostalgia thread   
    It's been a while...
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