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  1. Oh dear Hopefully some other heavys can be used in Tier 6 TCs now :3 Afaik its gonna get the 100mm gun which get buffed alpha/ nerfed ROF. Hopefully its below 270 alpha, so i will never get oneshotted again by "turning hull+ turret and snapshot from 300 meters" KV1S in my T49
  2. Just a EU player passing trough... I really wonder if EU-Highlevel-Clan-Wars is anything like this ._. While the NA-RDDT Clans are kinda successfull at CW, our EU Main Clan only kicks some baddies out of africa :/ (Even though some 4chan clan with moar purples failed to map us) So far as i have been able to see, the european (main map, like america on the NA server ) CW mainly consists of clans throwing Tier 10s at each other until one runs out of them (tank locking) and takes another province. Might be its because i don't read EU CD/R (wish i could read the NA though, looks like
  3. I have to say i'm not so sure about those first lights. Apart from some obvious maps (Malinovka) they usualy put me at a high risk of getting spotted and taking return fire, while my team is not even in position to fire at the enemys. Also it feels bad to be not of much use in the middle of the game, since (atleast on EU) 70% of all matches turn into a pure roflstomp after the first 2-5 tanks got shot down. (-> ruthless math of world of tanks etc.) Sidenote: I upgraded to WZ-132 and got my first set of skills (6th+camo) done, taking both vision skills+ snap shot and off-road-drivi
  4. If you are still doing this, i would love some replays of the WZ-132. Would love replays of good matches on abbey/ sacred valley/ erlenberg/ highway
  5. I usualy play on evenings. Tier 5: Clubbing seals with T49 Tier 6+7: farming various mediums and the SU-152 Tier 8: IS3, Tiger II, KV4, Type 59 Tier 9: Wz-132 (Its a tier 8, but has the same MM as a regular tier 9) [<- god damnit wargaming get your shit done and balance light tanks properly] Tier 10: E-100 Need people to either compensate for random pubbyness or to actually help me improve (-> If you are verygood@lights and feel like helping out, i would appreciate it <3) If you are still not sure, take this picture of a cat: P.S: yes i assume that everyone who
  6. The WZ-131 (and the 59-16 before it, grinded them when we had the community-choosen event on the EU server) is my first serious attempt to re-learn vision control and scouting since i started playing again this year. While my understanding of the ingame mechanics has improved a lot, i still feel like i'm very useless on many maps and in a lot of situations, and therefore are unable to even attempt to carry the game - i simply do not have a idea what i could do to improve our odds of winning. While for example malinovka is very easy to carry (this map is propably the only reason for my 55%WR
  7. Is this map actually playable in anything that is not know for its ridicolous turret armour and gun depression? Has anyone scouted succesfully scouted on the map? My experience from the WZ-131 so far: Middle is absolute certain death/uselessness. Tanks on left and right ridge are either in hard cover or allready spotted because they shoot the red guys. Either flank is near enough to spot you if you are unlucky. From the Sides there is also not a lot to spot, since 90% of all tanks are on the ridges... Would appreciate some tips on how to play this map...
  8. Hi guys. Some days i ago i saw this replay from the NA-Server: http://wotreplays.com/site/241870#malinovka-garbad_the_weak-t-44 Now i have some questions about that: a) How does he manage not to get spotted? I know he shoots the most enemys when they are double-bushed and has camo painting+ camo crew skill, but driving over the open field at the start of the match and firing all the times should reveal him. Atleast the Superpershing in their base should spot him if he is firing all the time from <400 meters oO b) was this some high-risk-high-reward gameplay because he could not
  9. Hmm i will try that (its kinda similar to what i usualy do with light TDs/ T49) and will report back if it works (or not )
  10. So yeah. Heavys/TDs/many mediums go north. Mediums/ light TDs/ retarded heavys go south or to the village in the middle. Scouts? I have no clue. So far i haven't found a single good bush or route, all flanking routes to help your mediums in the south can be shot at from the middle. Since most tanks are at the gud fite spot in the north and you can't really spot there, only a very few tanks are in the southern area with high amounts of cover and bushes. Any of you guys here has advice of how to play the map as a scout? Map for reference: P.S: As a light TD/Medium i u
  11. I'm here to look for some advice about scout tanks/ spotting in general and maybe contribute a bit myself. Even though i do really well in TDs for some weeks now (Jagdpanzer 4, Jagdpanther and since i've read about it here, also the T49) and okaish in most mediums and heavys, i just can't get any good results in scout tanks. I played the Vk2801 a lot after the release and stopped playing before Wargaming added the frenchies - back then i did really well with the VK and had a good WR, generally spotting lots and lots of enemys. But now i just fail to a) spot enemys and b) stay hidden at t
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